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Yes, it's true about the 1500 call quota, but it's in the corporate subscription (for prodaction). In the letter, I indicated a problem with my personal regular 500-call StarterKit subscription. I don’t understand what the problem might be. On the analytics report (attached photo), it can be seen that only 5 requests were executed and this should not have caused the quota to be exceeded.

I checked again today - the problem persists. In 7 days, only 22 requests were completed, but for any request I get an excess of the quota.

The problem is similar in production. Therefore, I wanted to clarify there were no changes in the API on your side, or could the problem be in the account or in the application? By the way, in the Yandex Alice application, it is also impossible to synchronize devices (possibly due to the same problem, but I cannot say for sure, because I do not have access to the logs), but I am not their developer. Although in the native application H+C and HomeKit devices are displayed and can be controlled. Maybe this will somehow help clarify the situation. Thank you for your reply.

Good day!
Any news for today? I am integrating your solution into the voice assistant service. I would like to know at least a list of heater operating modes. Is this list universal or may the lists differ for different devices?

Thank you for help!

As it turned out, it was enough to go to Home + Management> Menu> My Account> Third-Party Application, and accept the partnership agreement (at the very bottom of the page). After that my app appeared and endpoint GET .../plants started to return my houses.

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