Our solutions

You can find here information related to Legrand's interoperable offers. Click on a product to access a full-page description and discover our connected world! If you want to know more about our partners, click here

Cloud connected devices

Our Cloud connected devices are based on APIs which are interfaces intended to simplify the implementation and maintenance of software
Click here to discover our devices operating with local interoperability or IP open protocols

Solutions with available APIs

Legrand provides APIs allowing you to create your own applications and manage the connected solutions of our brand and third-parties devices

Residential sector solutions

Wiring Devices “… with Netatmo”

Legrand has partnered with Netatmo to build a full in-wall smart switches and power outlets solution. Manage the electric devices with the “Home + Control” application or with a remote control. Discover all the Wiring Devices “… with Netatmo”

Classe 300EOS with Netatmo

Benefit from an internal door entry unit designed to interact directly with visitors at your door or via your Smartphone. More than a simple videophone, discover a multifunctional device able to act as a home butler thanks to Alexa built-in. Expand your device’s features with Netatmo Security solutions to build your Smart security system

Smarther “… with Netatmo”

Manage and monitor home’s temperature easily and wherever you are via “Home + Control” application. Set parameters locally with voice assistants Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri. Benefit from a full compatibility with Netatmo smart radiator valves

Electrical Panel "... with Netatmo"

The Legrand Smart Electrical Panel "... with Netatmo" solution enables users to take full control of their smart home, from lighting to power-hungry appliances, while driving their electricity bill down due to predictive energy management features

Classe 100X16E

Discover this new addition in our range of indoor connected video unit. Manage many functions thanks to its 5” LCD color screen and customizable functions buttons. When you are outside, use the dedicated application “Door Entry CLASSE100X” to take advantage from all your functionalities


The automation solution MyHOME_Up allows a smart and centralized management of all the electrical devices of your house by using a unique application and server. Thanks to the application, get an easy access to all your functions: parameter, association, use and creation of scenes

Voice Control

This device is an innovation now included in MyHOME_Up automation system. Alexa speaker is directly integrated in the switch as a classical Amazon Echo device. On each part of the speaker, two configurable touch buttons are available to manage all functions of your system as lights, rolling shutters, plugs, and so on

Classe 300X13E

Experience the Classe 300X13E: the connected video internal unit allowing you to see and hear who is ringing at your home’s door. Wherever you are, thanks to the “Door Entry” application, answer directly with your smartphone and unlock your door to grant access


With its 7” screen and external panel, benefit from the advantages of an indoor video unit and enjoy voice and video calls wherever you are. Thanks to its dedicated application “Door Entry EASYKIT” manage also lighting, external cameras or gate opening


This device is a connected door entry panel that allows you also to control MyHOME_Up functions. When you’re not at home, keep control remotely on all your functionalities with your Smartphone


Discover the new connected thermostat. Manage the temperature directly with the touchscreen or via the dedicated application wherever you are. Increase your comfort by choosing a heating solution adapted to your way of life and control your real-time electric consumption

iDiamant with Netatmo

Manage your Bubendorff radio shutters locally or remotely thanks to this innovative device plugged into an electrical outlet. Use the Legrand “Home + Control” application or simply ask to Siri to open and close individually your rolling or hinged shutters

Commercial sector solutions

Connected emergency lighting

As a facility manager, respect safety obligations concerning emergency lighting even more effectively. Be notified in real-time in case of issue with your installation thanks to the “Legrand ERPconnecté” web application. Optimize your job and ensure occupant protection

Connected STOP & GO

If your electrical installation is experiencing failure, be warned immediately thanks to a notification sent by the “Legrand Power ON” application on your Smartphone. If all the safety conditions have been met, re-energize remotely your appliances with a simple click