EASY CONNECT, the mobility and connected platform by Renault

The automotive sector is in constant evolution. To follow the new life rhythms of their users, Renault launched a platform called “EASY CONNECT” which brings new connected services to the drivers directly through the screen of their car. Thanks to the power of connected data, the manufacturer is able to reinforce his efficiency and to create personalized customer relationships.

Illustration of the EASY CONNECT dashboard by Renault
Illustration of a gear

A full embed connectivity

A new innovation of Renault is the easy connection between the smartphone and the car in order to access online services directly on the car screen. Users can, for example, access to their online music subscription with the Bluetooth and to media information like France News or Euronews. Also, the drivers can already use vocal assistant (Android and Apple) to create destination instructions.

Cars become more and more intelligent and connected. The dashboard is able to display several information like autonomy, sum up of the journeys, tire pressure and so on. With the internet connection, it becomes possible to take an appointment with the car dealer or to program the car check.

Interaction between car and house with Legrand’s devices

One of the main innovations brought by the ecosystem “EASY CONNECT” is the connection between car and houses. Thanks to it, the driver can at any time manage the events sent by his home’s connected devices.

In collaboration with Legrand, some devices are manageable directly via the car screen and notifications can be displayed.

Connected plugs and switches can be piloted thanks to Céliane™ with Netatmo. The driver can switch off all the home lights with a simple click when he leaves the house, or being notified if lights stayed on while nobody is home.

With the Smarther, the intelligent device for the heating, the warmth can be easily managed. If the user wants his home to be heated at a precise temperature, he can program his Smarther while being on the way home.

The Classe 300 is a connected door entry. When someone rings at the door, a notification is sent directly on the car screen. By staying in his car, the driver can see who rang and start a conversation.


Innovation by Renault

With Renault “EASY CONNECT”, car becomes a part of digital life. The innovations come from the Renault open innovation lab located in the Silicon Valley. It brings new connected services Via “My Renault” ecosystem and “My Renault” application. A solution connected to houses and soon connected to the roads. The Renault group brings innovation for an easy mobility experience.


About Renault

The Renault Group is an international company with French roots, with a history of over 115 years. Present in 128 countries, the Group designs, manufactures and sells passenger and commercial vehicles sold under three brands: Renault, Dacia and Renault Samsung Motors. Thanks to its unique alliance with Nissan, the group is 4th World automaker. Today more than 120,000 employees worldwide work for Renault, all supported by the same passion: cars. Renault’s EASY CONNECT’s solution website