Classe 100X16E

Ideal for refurbishment, the connected Classe 100X16E arrives in our range of connected indoor units. Answer to visitors ringing at your door directly on your Smartphone, everywhere you are in the world. Manage the opening of your door lock and activate your security cameras through “Door Entry CLASSE100X” application

Front view image of the Classe 100X16E and the application

A dedicated application

The “Door Entry CLASSE100X” application will become your second virtual video unit. Answer to video calls everywhere you are in the world, unlock your gate by a simple click when you arrive home with your car, manage lighting and handle the watering of the garden

Your external camera is also a security unit: wherever you are, activate the connected indoor and outdoor camera and watch what is happening directly on your smartphone screen

Always stay in contact with your family by calling directly your internal video unit when you are outside and enjoy video chat functionalities

Nobody is home and a delivery man is ringing at your door? Unlock it by a simple swipe on a button of your application

Front view of the application

Classe 100X16E: now the standard is connected

A delivery man rings at a woman’s door when she’s outside. She receives the call directly on her Smartphone and asks him to give the parcel to the neighbor. The connected feature is now a standard thanks to the New Classe 100: thin and minimal, wide 5” display, new tilting control and touch controls

With the “Door Entry CLASSE100X application”, stay always connected to your home: answer the calls from your sofa or from anywhere in the world, open gates, water the garden, switch the lights on or off, see what is happening outside the house and call home directly

Association with the app can be done in just a few steps: create your account, scan the QR code that appears on the video internal unit, select your Wi-Fi network and enter your password. Configuration completed!

The Connected Classe 100X: the best solution for refurbishment and to replace your old video internal unit. For example, replace your old 2 wires video internal unit by a new Connected Classe 100X without additional devices or wiring

Simple and advantageous: no need to replace the wiring, up to 22 apartments connectable without dedicated power supply, immediate association with the app, built-in connectivity