Classe 300X13E

You often miss deliveries because you are not at home? Your children always forget their keys? Adopt the Classe 300X13E! This connected indoor unit allows you to receive the call, open your gate, view your cameras, manage your outdoor lights or any other programmed automation directly from your smartphone

Front view image of the Classe 300X13E and the Linea 3000

Improve your everyday life

When you are outside, your Classe 300X13E is also a security system thanks to the activation of the external and internal cameras. Be always aware about what happens at home! Also, you can keep in touch with your family by talking to them directly through the Classe 300X13E. Your smartphone becomes an intercommunicating terminal with your video internal unit

Image of a delivery man in front of a Linea 3000

A modern design & application

The 7” Touch screen – available in white or black, wall or table-mounted – is enhanced by a glossy finish glass effect. Its round corners embellished with a metalized profile offers a unique design. The main functions can be activated by touch sensitive keys

The video entrance panel Linea 3000 brings a modern appearance combined with robustness. Its IP54 certification ensures a perfect outdoor usage. A camera – with a 105° wide angle – guarantees an ideal visibility

Door Entry” is the application allowing you to control your Classe 300X13E

Image of the application Door Entry

The Classe 300 : Legrand’s connected video internal unit

Be always present for your loved ones

It is 16:30 and Paul, the child of the family, comes back from school. He rings at the door. Marie, his mother, is at work making a presentation and receives a call of her son directly on her phone through the “Door Entry” application. During the same time Nicolas, the father, receive the same call on his own phone. As the mother can’t answer, the father does. He can see directly on his phone’s screen that it is his son who rang because he has forgotten the home’s keys again. With a simple touch he unlocks the door to grant access to his son. Up to 10 phone numbers can be configured in the connected Classe 300 and can be called simultaneously.  Safety – Serenity – Protection: life is safer

Manage all your access

It is 23:00 and the baby-sitter is watching over Paul, while Marie and Nicolas are coming back from the cinema. With the “Door Entry” application, Marie activates the entry portal and the garden’s lights. Thanks to the external camera, the babysitter can see that the parents came back. Comfort – Wellness – Tranquility: life is simpler

Manage the distant access to your home

It is 10:30 and the delivery man has a package for Marie. He rings at the Linea 3000 video entrance panel but she is at her office. Thanks to her application, she can see and speak to him and grant the access by unlocking the gate allowing him to deliver the package. Comfort – Serenity – Time saving: life is easier

Open the gate even if you are busy

The baby-sitter we saw previously is in her apartment. She also owns a Classe 300. She is putting on makeup while a friend of her rings at the main entry gate. As her building is equipped with a Sfera entrance panel, she can unlock the entry gate with a simple click. Comfort – Serenity – Easiness: life is more beautiful