Connected Doorbell

With the Connected Doorbell, stay connected to your home everywhere you are. Thanks to the “Doorbell” application, receive a photo in real-time of the visitor ringing at your door. A simple example: it is a delivery? Ask your neighbor to take it for you!

Main features

  • 100% wireless system
  • Runs with 3 AA batteries: a lifetime of 1500 calls minimum
  • A wide 95° angle camera with LED lightning to take photos even in the dark
  • A date and time stamp of the photo and a 30 day storage
  • Push via email or notification on “Doorbell” application
  • Several smartphone can receive the real-time notifications
  • Weatherproof (IP44 norm). Can be installed outside without issue
  • A wide choice of chimes available through the "Doorbell" application. You can also upload your own ringtone

A dedicated application

The “Doorbell” application’s goal is to manage your device. Be warned directly about who is ringing by receiving a photo – even at night thanks to the integrated LEDs -. Manage your ringtones and the photos taken (stored up to 30 days). Several smartphones can be connected to the same “Doorbell” account: every phone will receive the photos at the same time

Legrand Connected Doorbell: sends you a picture of your visitors

I am at home: I can see who rang at the door without having to open it by receiving the visitor’s photo on my smartphone

I am not home: I can see if it is a delivery. I call my neighbor in order to ask him to take the package for me

Connected Doorbell: Weatherproof, Night picture, Wide angle lens, Battery powered