Connected Mobile Socket & Multi-outlet

Always stay connected to your home – even if you are far away - thanks to the Connected Mobile Socket and the Multi-outlet. Use your Wi-Fi connection to plug and manage your devices with your smartphone and the “Mobile Socket” application

Be warned in case of power failure

Power failure can happen in case of thunderstorm for example. If you are not home, it could be a real problem. You can be warned by push notifications or email (up to 4 addresses possible). Ask a friend, your neighbor or family living near you to come home in order to restore the electrical power. That can avoid losing the content of a fridge or a freezer! Also, you can be warned if the consumption exceeds a threshold you defined or if the consumption is equal to zero. That could indicate if one of your electrical devices is broken

“Mobile Socket” application

You can easily configure your connected device by associating it to your Wi-Fi through the “Mobile Socket” application. Your outlet is now manageable remotely wherever you are! You can check the status of each outlet individually, set your own parameters for alerts schedule, activate or deactivate your devices on one click and so on

Example of use case for a connected Mobile Socket and multi-outlet

A man plugged his Connected Mobile Socket on a standard electrical outlet: it communicates via Wi-Fi. He plugs his fridge directly on it just before going to holidays. He checks on his “Mobile Socket” application: everything works fine. He can serenely leave his house

A few times after, a thunderstorm arrives. It provokes a power failure at his home. While he is relaxing at the beach, he receives a power failure push notification. He decides to call his neighbor in order to ask him to switch on the power for him. His fridge works again: no bad surprise when he will come back

He is now eating at the restaurant at nighttime. He decides to turn on a lamp inside is home to simulate his presence. Very good idea: a burglar was just about trying to enter

Features: alerts function (power, energy, programming), schedule, consumption measurement, remote on/off, planning