Electrical Panel "... with Netatmo"

From their smartphone, users can simply control everything that is electrical in their home from anywhere in the world via the “Home + Control” app, or just ask their favorite voice assistant. The solution is natively integrated with the main smart home ecosystems and voice assistants, such as Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa & IFTTT

Side view of all CX³ with Netatmo devices

A fully connected solution

Several smart modules are composing this new solution:


  • A connected contactor: remote control of home appliances & power-hungry equipment (water heater, electrical vehicle socket, pool pump…)
  • A connected latching relay: remote control of lightings that are managed by push buttons (wired or wireless ones)


  • A connected energy meter: display of the total home power consumption in the “Home + Control” application
  • A connected Ecometer: to get a detailed monitoring of the home energy consumption and a comprehensive display in €/$ and kWh in the “Home + Control” app. Including 1 total + 4 power lines metering, can be tethered to water and gas meters
  • A smart Load Shedder: proactively prevents electrical shutdowns in the home due to overloads. Intelligently shuts down relevant Legrand connected devices (contactor, power outlet, cable outlet from “with Netatmo” ranges) when consumption reaches a user-defined threshold
  • A Gateway Module: connects the installation to the internet. New possible way to start a Legrand “with Netatmo” connected installation (Smart Switches & Power Outlets, Smart Electrical Panel)

Users can start a standalone installation from their panelboard, connected to the internet through the Gateway module, or they can complement an existing installation of Legrand Smart Switches and Power Outlets. In this situation, if a Gateway Power Outlet is already installed in the home, the Gateway module is not necessary

Illustration of usecases of CX³ with Netatmo


The Legrand Smart Electrical Panel "... with Netatmo" solution delivers the industrial feature of smart load shedding in the home. The solution contains an algorithm which can intelligently shut down high-power consuming appliances and therefore proactively prevent power failures

Homeowners can also precisely monitor their energy consumption, including power metering of all the devices and appliances in their home, plus the consumed volume of gas and water

This provides the user with a comprehensive and extensive overview of their home consumption habits to help them make informed decisions such as subscribing to a lower electricity tariff or scheduling high-power devices to work during the night when lower electricity price may be available

Image of appliances managed by CX³ with Netatmo