How it works

EZ button

Localize EZ Button on the product

  • Remove the cover (if there is one)
  • Localize the “gearing wheel” marking: 
  • The EZ button is located inside the whole close to the “gearing wheel” marking
  • Use a pin ᴓ 2,5mm maxi
Find where is the EZ button to open the network


Product behavior Action on the EZ button LED feedback
JOIN an open network (network scan)

if the ZR is not in a Zigbee 3.0 mode

Short push on EZ buttonRed and then Solid Magenta upon join.
OPEN the network

If product already in ZigBee 3.0 network

Short push on EZ buttonSolid Magenta.
Demand / accept BINDINGS3 seconds push on EZ button on ZR & then 3 seconds push on EZ button on ZED3 short Blue flashes
QUIT network10 seconds push on EZ button1 second Red
RESET FactoryVery long push on EZ button (over 20 seconds)ZR : stay Red

ZED 1 second Red

Install code

Find where is the install code on a device

This install code includes 2 bytes of CRC

Please ignore those two last bytes

Example: 315E1335D92204E54FE86B2406823A72A9B2

Remove part in bold