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Wiring Devices “… with Netatmo”
Wiring Devices “… with Netatmo”

Legrand has partnered with Netatmo to build a full in-wall smart switches and power outlets solution. Manage the electric devices with the “Home + Control” application or with a remote control. Discover all the Wiring Devices “… with Netatmo”

Side view of the screen and application MyHOME_Up

The automation solution MyHOME_Up allows a smart and centralized management of all the electrical devices of your house by using a unique application and server. Thanks to the application, get an easy access to all your functions: parameter, association, use and creation of scenes


Discover the new connected thermostat. Manage the temperature directly with the touchscreen or via the dedicated application wherever you are. Increase your comfort by choosing a heating solution adapted to your way of life and control your real-time electric consumption

Image of the Classe 300X13E and the Linea 3000
Classe 300X13E

Experience the Classe 300X13E: the connected video internal unit allowing you to see and hear who is ringing at your home’s door. Wherever you are, thanks to the “Door Entry” application, answer directly with your smartphone and unlock your door to grant access

Side view of the iDiamant with Netatmo
iDiamant with Netatmo

Manage your Bubendorff radio shutters locally or remotely thanks to this innovative device plugged into an electrical outlet. Use the Legrand “Home + Control” application or simply ask to Siri to open and close individually your rolling or hinged shutters

Image of the Connected Mobile Socket
Connected Mobile Socket & Multi-outlet

Program all your electrical devices thanks to the Connected Mobile Socket and the Multi-Outlet. With the “Mobile Socket” application you can be warned in case of power failure, check your electrical consumption, simulate a presence and manage many other features

Image of the Connected Doorbell (white)
Connected Doorbell

Is somebody ringing at your door? With the Connected Doorbell, know immediately who wants to visit you by receiving a photo by push notification or email. The free application Doorbell allows you to parameter your doorbell and to store the images taken during 30 days

Side view of the STOP & GO
Connected STOP & GO

If your electrical installation is experiencing failure, be warned immediately thanks to a notification sent by the “Legrand Power ON” application on your Smartphone. If all the safety conditions have been met, re-energize remotely your appliances with a simple click

Side view of a connected emergency lighting unit
Connected emergency lighting

As a facility manager, respect safety obligations concerning emergency lighting even more effectively. Be notified in real-time in case of issue with your installation thanks to the “Legrand ERPconnecté” web application. Optimize your job and ensure occupant protection

Side view of the HOMETOUCH

This device is a connected door entry panel that allows you also to control MyHOME_Up functions. When you’re not at home, keep control remotely on all your functionalities with your Smartphone