Wiring Devices “… with Netatmo”

Discover the new in-wall smart switches and power outlets range from Legrand (co-developed with Netatmo), that allows to remotely control lights, rolling shutters and home appliances from your smartphone or via voice control. Different designs are available according to the countries. A list of offers per countries is present at the bottom of the page

Image of Celiane and Living Now with Netatmo hub and plugs

Your smartphone becomes a remote control

Download the “Home + Control” application and reach the full potential of your connected devices. You can be notified directly on your phone through alerts according to scenarios you defined. A light is on during more than 6 hours? Be warned and switch it off, wherever you are. Thanks to “Home + Control”, you can also monitor your real-time and overall power consumption

Image of the Home + Control application

Compatibility with vocal assistants

The Wiring Devices “… with Netatmo” works with the main vocal assistants Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Homepod. Just by giving simple voice instructions, you can switch your lights on or off, control your rolling shutters and so on

Image of the compatibility with vocal assistants

Hello Céliane™ with Netatmo : the smart home by Legrand

A man comes back home from the supermarket with the arms full of food. He asks with his voice to Céliane™ with Netatmo to turn the lights on in his kitchen.  A woman, thanks to the “Home + Control” application, manages directly the light dimmer on her smartphone

A young couple is moving in. To optimize space when installing their furniture, they stick directly on the wall the switches where they want. When leaving home, a family has just one click to do on a switch near the entry door in order to switch off the lights, turn the music down and close the rolling shutters

A party is organized at parents’ house when suddenly a power failure happens. A notification is sent directly on the couple’s smartphone

Thanks to Legrand, the smart home is now for all. All devices can be managed with wireless switches, controlled with smartphone or voice with Céliane™ with Netatmo