Privacy Policy

Latest update: February 2024


The WORKS WITH LEGRAND website (“the Website”) is hosted on Microsoft Azure’s cloud in the Netherlands.


Legrand SA
128, av. du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny
87045 Limoges Cedex (France)

Limited company with capital of €1 067 223 004
No. SIRET 421 259 615 00027
APE code 7010Z
RCS LIMOGES 421 259 615
VAT identification number FR 01 421 259 615


  • Information you give us:

Upon creation of your account:

Data collectedPurpose of data processingLegal basis of data processing
Email address* Identity and login verification 
Connecting to users’ account 
Creation of forum’s profile
Sending of direct marketing communication 
Potential contact to enquire a partnership opportunity
ContractLegitimate interest of prospection
Given name*
Country/RegionStatistical analysisLegitimate interest in continuously improving our client relations

*Mandatory data

Data identified as mandatory is essential for the provision of the service requested by the Website user. Failure to fill in a mandatory field will prevent you from accessing the Website.

Whenever you communicate us optional information, you can oppose to their processing at any time by following the instructions displayed in the “Exercise of User’s rights” section.

We keep the information you give us as long as necessary to perform the service and for a maximum of 3 years after deletion of your account.

By filling a contact form:

Data collectedPurpose of data processingLegal basis of data processing
Name*To enable us to bring nominative / personalized answers to users’ queriesSending of direct marketing communicationContractLegitimate interest of prospection
Country*To allow, when appropriate, to redirect your request towards the relevant country
Subject*To bring a better answer to users’ queries
Email*To address users’ queries by electronic means

*Mandatory data

Data identified as mandatory is essential for handling your request. Failure to fill in a mandatory field will prevent us from properly addressing your query.

We keep the information you give us as long as necessary to answer your query and for a maximum  of 3 years afterwards.

  • Data collected during the use of our services
Data collectedPurpose of data processingLegal basis of data processingRetention period
Statistics on the Internet user’s browsing patternStatistical analysis of traffic to improve the WebsiteLegitimate interest in continuously improving the products and services of the Data Controller13 months
Data on the capacity of the user’s deviceProposal of the most suitable version of the user’s terminal


You have a right of access, modification; rectification and erasure with regard your personal data. You can request that their processing be restricted, or you can object to them being processed.

If you request the erasure, or object to the processing of data specified as mandatory, you will no longer be able to access the Website as it requires you to register.

At your request, we can send you the personal data you gave us in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format.

You also have the right to define guidelines for the fate of your data after your death.


You may exercise your rights at any time, subject to the production of a valid identification document, by sending your request:

–    By post to: LEGRAND, Service Consommateurs or Service Relations Pro, 128 avenue du Maréchal De Lattre de Tassigny, 87045 LIMOGES CEDEX, France
–    By using the contact form at the following address:

Your request will be processed within one month of receipt. If necessary, this period can be extended by up to two additional months, depending on the complexity and the number of requests. In this case, you will be informed of this extension and its reasons within one month of receipt of the request.
No payment will be required for the exercise of your rights except in case of manifestly unfounded or excessive demand. In this case, the Legrand Group further reserves the right to not respond to your request.
If you are not satisfied with the manner in which your request was processed, we invite you contact us at the following telephone number: +33 825 36 03 60. In the event you remain dissatisfied with our response, we remind you that you have the right to file a complaint with the French data protection authority, Commission Informatique et Libertés (CNIL): or your local supervisory authority.


The data processing is accomplished manually and/or through IT instruments with the sole purpose of achieving the indicated objectives in order to ensure the data confidentiality and security.


Only the following have access to your personal data, within the limits of their respective assignments:

  • The internal services of the Legrand SA company, established in France, Research & Development service, in charge of the Website management, commercial subsidiaries in each countries;
  • Legrand subsidiaries, in order to answer your request when it relates to their activities. When your request requires us to transfer your data to a subsidiary located outside of the European Union, we inform you that we put standard contractual clauses in place to cover such transfers;
  • The service provider Microsoft, established in the Netherlands, responsible for hosting the data collected via the Website;
  • The service providers Exakis and Claranet, established in France, responsible for the development and management of the Website;
  • The service provider Sarbacane, established in France, for the purpose of sending you direct marketing communications;
  • Google insofar as they have access to data relating to your browsing history when you confirm your agreement upon arrival on our Website through the Website’s “cookie banner”. We also inform you that Google benefits from a “Privacy Shield” certificate and as such, any possible transfer of your data for hosting purposes in the United States will be organized under security and privacy conditions which are considered as adequate under European legislation. For further information, please consult the section below entitled “Type of cookies”;

We inform you that the aforementioned service providers are bound by an obligation of confidentiality and may only use your data in compliance with our contractual provisions and the applicable legislation.


WORKS WITH LEGRAND has implemented adequate physical, electronic and administrative protection measures which comply with regulations in order to protect your personal data. Though, WORKS WITH LEGRAND wishes to draw the users’ attention to potential risks in terms of data confidentiality linked to the Internet use. It is the responsibility of the users to set up or ensure the use of a personal secured computer network, as well as to ensure a correct technical configuration of the connection box connected to your Internet Service Provider and of others devices such as radio access equipment (WIFI, 4G…).


When accessing our website, cookies are stored on your device (computer, cellphone, tablet computer), subject to the choice you have made and which you can change at any time by managing your settings (see “Accept or reject cookies”).
Placed on your terminal when you visit a website, a cookie is a small text file containing information about your browsing (pages views, date and time of the consultation…), whose main purpose is to enhance your visit and allow you to receive targeted services.


  • Internal cookies required for the Website to operate
.AspNet.ApplicationCookieMICROSOFT: If the server is configured to use Cookie Authentication, he will return a cookie to the browser containing encrypted and signed claims about the user. This cookie is deleted at the logout
ASP.NET_SessionIdMICROSOFT: This cookie is used to identify the users session on the server. The session being an area on the server which can be used to store data in between http requests
__RequestVerificationTokenMICROSOFT: It is an anti-forgery tool. It guarantees that the poster is the one who gets the form
MICROSOFT AZURE: This cookie helps keep the user going back to the same app instance, instead of getting a random instance each time
wordpress_logged_in_*WORDPRESS: Cookie used to indicate when the user is logged in for most interface use
wordpress_test_cookieWORDPRESS: This cookie is set when user navigates to the login page. The cookie is used to check whether the web browser is set to allow, or reject cookies
PHPSESSIDWORDPRESS: As the user browses around the pages, the session cookie tells the website that he is the same person requesting the webpages, and not a new visitor to each page. This cookie does not identify the user personally and is not linked to any other stored information
mo_oauth_login_app_sessionWORDPRESS: Use to know what is the used identity server (ADB2C or AD). This cookie is deleted at the logout.
tarteaucitronTARTEAUCITRON: Use by Tarteaucitron cookie manager to know what are the cookies accepted by the end user.
wwl_id_tokenWORDPRESS: this cookie is necessary to have SSO between and This cookie is deleted at the logout.
COOKIEBOT: Use by Cookiebot cookie manager to know what are the cookies accepted by the end user.

These cookies enable the Website to function optimally. You can object to this and delete them by referring to the section below, “Accept or reject cookies” but your user experience may be adversely affected.

  • Audience measurement cookies
PIWIK: used to record statistics about the internet user’s equipment and browsing history (statistics). No personal data is stored by Legrand.
MICROSOFT APPLICATION INSIGHT: Collects statistical usage and telemetry information for apps built on the Azure cloud platform. These cookies are unique anonymous session identifier and enable counting of the number of users accessing the application over time

The personal data collected (cookie identifier) is retained for a period of 13 months. No nominal data is stored, and no statistical data is cross-referenced with any nominal data that the Legrand Group may have. Even when you have consented to the statistical analysis of your browsing history through our “Cookie banner”, you can withdraw this consent at any time. To make this choice, see the section below, “Accept or reject cookies”.

  • Third party cookies aimed at improving the interactivity of the Website

The Website displays videos, this service is made available by:

– YouTube. You will find a list and an overview of YouTube social plugins at the following address: For more information on YouTube’s policy concerning personal data protection, please refer to: .

– ReCaptcha. This verification mechanism can provide protection against spam or abuse caused by robots. With this mechanism, the user is presented with a web page that contains a simple Turing test provided by the Google reCAPTCHA API. These tests can distinguish a human user from a robot.

These features use third party cookies directly deposited by the service. During your first visit to the Website, a banner informs you about the presence of cookies and invites you to indicate your choice. They are only deposited if you accept them. You may accept or reject the cookies by following the directions detailed below, “Accept or reject cookies”.


You can set your browser to store cookies in your terminal or reject them, either routinely, depending on where they originate from, or to inform you each time a cookie is stored in your terminal, so you can decide whether to accept or reject them.

However, deleting all cookies used by the browser, including those used by other websites, may lead to some settings or information being altered or lost, making it difficult to browse the website.

Every browser is configured differently. You need to follow the instructions in your browser’s editor as listed below (links available at the date of updating this page):

– If you are using Internet Explorer:

– If you are using Safari:

– If you are using Firefox:

– If you are using Chrome:

– If you are using Opera:

– If you are using different terminals, make sure you configure the browser on each of them in accordance with your preferences.

If you don’t wish to change the cookie settings, simply carry on using the website.

For more information about cookies and their impact, please visit the “Vos traces” (Your traces) section of the CNIL website (the French personal data protection authority):


The minors aren’t the intended audience of the website. Access to the Application is though not reserved to the adults since the contents of the website are not prohibited for the minors under 15. The website does not knowingly collect or use any personal information from children under 15. If information is collected concerning a minor, the minor’s legal representative has the possibility to contact the Service Relations Pro of LEGRAND in order to rectify, modify or delete this information (Please consult the “Exercise of user’s rights” section).


This document may be modified at any time without prior notice. We invite you to consult it regularly.