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    New partner: mySmartJarvis

    Benefit from a butler at the hotel, office or at home by using your voice or your Smartphone application. Jarvis makes your life easier by anticipating your needs and putting in place schedules based on your habits

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    Arrival of RF Lighting Control

    Thanks to this easy-to-use solution, bring comfort, safety and energy efficiency to your home by managing lighting via local radio-frequency technology. Wherever you are and on all your iOS and Android devices, benefit from control over your radiant® and adorne® switches, dimmers and devices

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    New local API: RFLC for LC7001

    A local API is available allowing control of the LC7001 controller. The LC7001 controller is used with RFLC products in the Radiant® and Adorne® collections for the US and Canada

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Works with Legrand a program to innovate

living and working spaces

It is an open interoperable platform, strategic part of Eliot, the Legrand innovative program dedicated to accelerate deployment of connected devices in its offer. Compatible with major IoT global players, it allows to connect with Legrand ecosystem in a lot of ways. Works with Legrand breaks boundaries and, thanks to important partnerships, allows startups, independent developers or leading companies to interact with Legrand’s offer and to integrate its products into their own systems and services.

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Solution to innovate living and working spaces

We use open technologies to enable partners to generate new applications to make residential and commercial building smarter.
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