La Poste provides interoperability with “Le Hub Numérique”

Legrand and La Poste decided to cooperate around a common and simple objective: bring to their customers connected offers through a universal platform developed by La Poste. Called “Le Hub Numérique”, it provides to users a new way to manage their IoT devices

A partnership focused on interoperability

La Poste is getting in touch with 65 millions French people every day. That’s why the group decided, through is numeric branch Docapost, to launch a program to support innovation called “French IoT”. The objective is to federate several French actors around connected devices by bringing them a platform to test connected devices, develop new use cases or services and experiment business models

The collaboration with Legrand aims to share Legrand APIs (Application Program Interface) with La Poste in order to make compatible our products with “Le Hub Numérique”. Users can get new beneficial usages and gains the liberty to add new devices progressively

Benefits for the users

On user’s side, “Le Hub Numérique” simplifies their everyday life by allowing them to interact with their devices and to benefit from numeric and human services around those objects

Presented as a dashboard, the application is simple to use. User can find a synthesis of important information. At a glance, they can see their real-time energetic consumption, switch on or off the lights, open or close rolling shutters and so on. Also, a news feed allows the user to find a sum up of all events (adding of a device, events triggered, home door opening …)

The main advantage is that only one application is needed in order to manage all connected devices of the house, even if they come from another manufacturer. Users can, thanks to it, choose the way they want their house to evolve and control their budget

Collaboration with BNP Paribas Real Estate and Vinci Immobilier

Several new housings had been equipped with Legrand’s devices, piloted with “Le Hub Numérique”. The goal is to offer a full-embed solution to new residents in order to improve their quality life.

Near Toulouse (France), Vinci Immobilier created an inventive residence of 78 apartments and villas. Thanks to the connected devices installed, a decrease of 300€ on average per year is noticed on the occupant’s energetic bills. Click here to access this partnership

Near Paris, BNP Paribas Real Estate built an innovative high-tech residence composed of 60 apartments full of Legrand’s connected devices. Céliane™ with Netatmo, Smarther and Classe 300 simplify the everyday life of all the inhabitants. For more information, click here

Discover how “Le Hub Numérique” works

This video explains the possibilities given by the application

A family downloads the application “Le Hub Numérique” of La Poste. Thanks to this intuitive and universal interface, they can consult and manage the data of their connected devices and access to custom services. Different use cases are shown: when the soon of the family is going to school, he can be geolocalized and a notification is automatically sent when he comes back home. His mother always loses her keys, so she invests in a connected key ring with a tracker

Later, they program a scenario for the morning awakening. Thanks to the connected plugs Céliane™ with Netatmo, on which the devices are connected, all the family can be waken up simultaneously. If there is important traffic on the road, the application can automatically manage the awakening hour in order not to be late

When the last occupant of the house is leaving, he can activate the “Leaving home” scenario. The entry door locks, thanks to Céliane™ with Netatmo lights switch off and rolling shutters closes, home alarm initiates and the heating decreases thanks to the Smarther. A notification is sent on family’s smartphones telling them that the home is empty and closed

The grandmother of the family is sick and is alone at her home. Thanks to sensors, the family can be warned if there is a problem. Also, they subscribed a service asking the postman to visit the elderly lady every day

This is winter and the family is looking for a solution to decrease the heating bills. They shared with the application their consumption data and they are purposed to subscribe to a less expensive energetic contract by using a manageable connected thermostat: the Smarther

About La Poste

Wholly owned by public shareholders, La Poste is a limited company structured around five business units: Services-Mail-Parcels, La Banque Postale, La Poste Network, GeoPost, and Digital Services. The Group operates in 40 countries on 4 continents. La Poste’s 17,000 retail outlets make it France’s leading local business network, serving 1.6 millions customers every day. La Poste delivers 23.265 billions items worldwide per year (letters, printed advertising media and parcels), 6 days a week. In 2016, the Group generated €23.294 billions in revenues (22.4% out of France) and had more than 250,000 employees. Learn more about “Le Hub Numérique”

About Vinci Immobilier

VINCI Immobilier, a subsidiary of the VINCI Group, is one of the principal players in property promotion in France. With operations in some 15 cities including Paris and the French regions, VINCI Immobilier covers the two main market segments: residential property (housing and managed accommodation) and commercial property (offices, hotels, retail), thus providing services to investors, institutions and individuals. VINCI Immobilier also provides its customers with its consulting and building management expertise through its “services” division. Thanks to its multi-product offering and its expertise in carrying out large complex projects, VINCI Immobilier works with local authorities to carry out their urban improvement projects and is thereby involved in developing urban areas. Vinci Immobilier’s website

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