A partnership with Vinci Immobilier

Vinci Immobilier established a partnership with La Poste and Legrand to bring their customers a connected experience in a new residence in Blagnac (France).

Image of the building built by Vinci Immobilier
Illustration of a house

A full connected building solution

This new residence contains 78 apartments (58 collective housing including 18 social housing and 20 villas) in Andromède neighborhood near Toulouse (France).

In an interview given to L’Usine Digitale, Diego Harari, responsive of innovation and sustainable development at Vinci Immobilier says: “our role is not to provide connected devices. But our mission is to build an infrastructure to connect the devices. Users have to be able to install all the connected devices they can acquire and manage them in global intelligence”. Also, he predicts: “Today, we sell square meters in a defined place. But tomorrow the economic value will depend more and more of the e-services we will be able to bring”.

Easy to use

Thanks to the application of La Poste “Le Hub Numérique” and Legrand devices, Vinci Immobilier had been able to create life scenarios for their inhabitants. The interactions with connected devices are aimed to facilitate everyday life

For the future users of those connected devices, all had been simplified. They can manage their installation with “Le Hub Numérique”. 5 preset life scenarios are ready to be used (Quiet holidays, Night mode, Entry mode, Exit mode and Water consumption). Users can also create their own scenarios

Image of the building built by Vinci Immobilier

How it works

This video explains how works the scenario “Quiet holidays”.

A family is leaving home for holidays. They defined through the application the behavior of their different connected devices. They set the day and hour of their comeback and choose the temperature they want. When they leave the house all the lightning turn off, the shutters closes, and the temperature decrease progressively to frost mode. To dissuade burglars, they programmed an automatic opening/closing of their shutters and the activation of the lights. At the end of the holidays, the family activates the “Entry mode” scenario: the shutters opens, the lights turn on and the heating is set at the wanted temperature.


About Vinci Immobilier

VINCI Immobilier, a subsidiary of the VINCI Group, is one of the principal players in property promotion in France. With operations in some 15 cities including Paris and the French regions, VINCI Immobilier covers the two main market segments: residential property (housing and managed accommodation) and commercial property (offices, hotels, retail), thus providing services to investors, institutions and individuals. VINCI Immobilier also provides its customers with its consulting and building management expertise through its "services" division. Thanks to its multi-product offering and its expertise in carrying out large complex projects, VINCI Immobilier works with local authorities to carry out their urban improvement projects and is thereby involved in developing urban areas. Vinci Immobilier’s website

About La Poste

Wholly owned by public shareholders, La Poste is a limited company structured around five business units: Services-Mail-Parcels, La Banque Postale, La Poste Network, GeoPost, and Digital Services. The Group operates in 40 countries on 4 continents. La Poste's 17,000 retail outlets make it France's leading local business network, serving 1.6 million customers every day. La Poste delivers 23.265 billion items worldwide per year (letters, printed advertising media and parcels), 6 days a week. In 2016, the Group generated €23.294 billion in revenues (22.4% out of France) and had more than 250,000 employees. Learn more about “Le Hub Numérique”