You want to heat your house only in the morning before going to work and when you come back? You were in holidays and you want your house to be warm at your arrival? Adopt the Smarther! It is the best way to save money by avoiding waste of energy

Adapted to your way of living

At home, the touchscreen display the temperature or the hygrometry level. With a simple touch you can manage the temperature according to your needs. A “Boost” mode allows you to reach fast the desired temperature by increasing the heating during 30, 60 or 90 minutes
When you are out, manage your Smarther connected to internet thanks to the application

An elegant design

With his wide white screen embellished by a thin red stripe, this thermostat is elegant and sober at the same time. His low thickness – only a few millimeters – will certainly bring style wherever he is installed. His full tactile commands panel adds a touch of class to the product

A smart geolocalization system

At any time, you could leave your home without thinking about decrease the heating. If nobody is here, it is a waste of energy! Thanks to the smart geolocalization feature, the Smarther is able to understand that it doesn’t need to heat. If it doesn’t detect an authorized smartphone in the Wi-Fi area and if the comfort mode is still active, Smarther will send you a notification. It’s up to you to decide which parameters you want to set!

Easy to use thanks to programmable scenarios

You can manage your heating through the application. Easy to install and to use, you will access many features for a perfectly controlled heating. An integrated assistant can help you to define daily or weekly programs to fit your needs. The Smarther is an autonomous device which can operate even if there is no internet connection and, of course, it is manually configurable at home

A multi-user management

If you need more than one thermostat, the application allows the management of several Smarther in the same house or in different places
Several users can also manage the same thermostat by installing the application on their own smartphones. The main owner of the thermostat can invite users through the application

Smarther, the thermostat connected to the life rhythm

It is the morning in a family’s house. With the scenarios defined on the Smarther, the intelligent device increase the temperature from 18,5° to 20°. After having breakfast, everyone leave home in order to go to work or school. During the daytime, the heating decrease from 20° to 18,5°. A few minutes before the family’s comeback, the Smarther increase one more time the temperature to fit the instructions given. When all the family goes to bed, the device automatically set the temperature to 18,5° during night time

The next day, all the family leaves the home to do a bicycle ride without thinking about telling the Smarther to decrease the heat. Thanks to a smart geolocalization system, the device is able to know that nobody is home. A notification is sent directly on the father’s smartphone through the application asking him if he wants to set the energy saving mode. He accepts by a simple click and the heating decrease

To come back home, they have one hour drive. In order the warmth to be perfect at their comeback, they set the boost mode for 60 minutes on their smartphone. When they come in, the temperature is set at 20° as they wanted

Smarther won the IF Design Award 2017 and is really useful in everyday life thanks to his main features: geolocalization and remote/local management

Availability ​

France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Portugal, Malta, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Armenia, Mongolia, Lebanon, Jordan, Tunisia, Malta, South Africa, Chile

“Legrand Thermostat” application

Download the dedicated Legrand Thermostat application to manage Smarther solution

Available API

Access to Smarther – v2.0 API