SFR and Legrand are now partners to benefit from a mutual knowledge in “Cloud to Cloud” infrastructure and connected devices. The goal of this partnership is to bring more visibility to SFR Home’s offer by adding interoperability with Legrand’s devices. For Legrand, it’s a great opportunity to spotlight its connected solutions to SFR’s customers

Integration of Legrand’s devices into “SFR Home” program

Partnering with SFR, a major brand with 25 million of customers in France, follows a strong objective of extending Legrand’s interoperability offer. “SFR Home” program aims to bring easiness to their users willing to start a connected installation

“SFR Box 8” acts as a hub allowing to manage devices via a dedicated Android and iOS app, but also with voice via the “OK SFR” command. This Box becomes a real management assistant to control connected devices from a home

A strong partnership with Legrand

SFR’s project is totally in line with Legrand’s democratization and interoperability strategy. That’s why some functionalities of its projects now join SFR ecosystem for the creation of unique user’s experiences. “Cloud to Cloud” was chosen as the interoperability mode between our 2 companies

For the moment, it integrates Wiring devices “… with Netatmo” ranges in Céliane ™, Mosaic ™ and dooxie ™ finish into SFR’s hub. Our common goal is to integrate more Legrand’s connected offers in the future


About SFR (a brand of Altice France)

SFR (Société française du radiotéléphone) is a French mobile communications company that serves 25 million of clients in France. With a fiber optic network (FTTH / FTTB) of 21 million eligible outlets, SFR has launched 5G in France and also covers 99.7% of the population with 4G. SFR’s website