A full management of home’s shutters easy to install and easy to use

This partnership aims at providing a native compatibility between the roller shutters from StellaGroup brands and Legrand Self-e controls. Users now benefit from a complete solution to manage their openings locally or remotely. It also saves time for the different installers and improves their coordination

Strong benefits for the clients

This solution brings many advantages for the end-users :

  • Possibility to keep an aesthetic coherence with all home’s switches
  • Extended durability with more than 50 years of use for wireless batteryless switches
  • Possibility of evolution by turning a classical electrical installation into a connected one thanks to the optional Legrand Gateway (integration to Home + Control ecosystem, scenarios, management of other Wiring devices “… with Netatmo” devices, and so on)
  • Protection of environment with a solution needing no batteries to recycle and requiring less physical interventions from the professionals for a simple battery replacement. It’s a gain of time and money !

A real opportunity for the market

For professionals, this solution is also optimal as it answers their installation and legal needs :

  • Optimization of installation time by enhancing the collaboration between installers and electricians
  • Compliance with French RE2020 regulation for thermal efficiency
  • Native compatibility between motorized shutters and Self-e switches with a factory pre-pairing. The receptor is directly built in the shutter and doesn’t need any additional external module to communicate with the switch
  • Simple adding of the advantages of connected devices in new housing or renovation, and even in non-residential projects

About StellaGroup

StellaGroup is a European industrial expert, providing closure solutions for residential, commercial & industrial buildings. • Window closure (roller shutters, screens, venetian blinds) • Access solutions for both residential and industrial buildings (garage doors, gates and fencing, balustrades, metal shutters, industrial doors) • Outdoor and solar protection (pergolas, terrace roofs, awnings). The companies : La Toulousaine, Profalux, Eveno, Sofermi, Flip, Biossun Alulux, AVZ, Erhardt Markisen, SWS, Duotherm

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