Rexel brings the solution “Energeasy Connect”

Rexel offers a solution to manage all the connected devices of a house. Called “Energeasy Connect”, it adapts to new constructions or can be integrated easily in existing buildings without installing new wires.

An easy management of connected devices

Through the application “Energeasy Connect”, users can manage their connected devices at home or wherever they are. Easy to use, they can control their house with a simple touch: heating, rolling shutters, plugs, lighting and so on by using the Wiring Devices “… with Netatmo”

One of the biggest advantages is the money that could be saved, especially with the possible programming of heaters. Thanks to the Smarther, no need to let the heaters on when the user leaves the house, he can turn them on with a simple click on his way back home and decide to set a precise temperature. It could represent until 20% of saving on an energetic bill. Also, it is possible to check the total energy consumption in kW in order to control a budget

Comfort is brought to user, locally or remotely, with the manually management at any time of the temperature, lighting and of the electric devices connected to plugs

Now compatible Céliane™ with Netatmo

The Rexel’s solution is now compatible with all ranges Wiring Devices “… with Netatmo” (availability according to countries). For more information, please consult the dedicated page Wiring Devices “… with Netatmo” 

Energeasy Connect, the management of connected houses

This video explains the advantages of using “Energeasy Connect”

“Energeasy Connect” allows controlling housing by managing the connected devices thanks to a unique application. From home or away, scenarios can be accessed through a fun and personalized interface. The house can be protected during an absence with the automatic closing of shutters and alarm activation. Get free from the everyday constraint with the management of lighting and heating. Users can control their energetic consumption while using a solution adapted to their habits and needs

About Rexel

Rexel is a French group founded in 1967, which specializes in the distribution of electrical supplies to professional users. It distributes products and services in the areas of automation, technical supply and energy management. The company offers a wide range of products and services, including products in the lighting, security, automation, climate control, communication, building automation and renewable energies sectors. The group has 20 sales outlets (branches) in 2 countries and 700 employees. Rexel’s Energeasy Connect website