An easy way to connect your Acova heating devices

Transform your Acova heaters with pilot wire into a connected installation by using the Legrand Home + Control solution. Benefit from enhanced features as remote ON/OFF managing, overall and real-time consumption monitoring, plannings settings, and so on

Enhanced features brought by Home + Control ecosystem

Integrate your heaters into a home automation system in an easy way. All you need is :

  • A heating device from Acova brand with pilot wire
  • A Starter Pack containing a Legrand gateway and a Home/Away wireless switch
  • Legrand connected cable outlets to plug your heaters
  • The Home + Control application on your Smartphone (available on Android and iOS)

You will then benefit from all the features brought by the Home + Control solution :

  • Remote access and ON/OFF management
  • Heating planification according to every day’s needs
  • Mode management (Eco, Comfort, …)
  • Monitoring of overall heater’s electrical consumption (total and real-time)

Using the Legrand gateway is also the occasion to enter in the Home + Control ecosystem allowing to manage several devices from Legrand – Netatmo – Bticino brands as the Wiring devices … with Netatmo range

A usecase example

  • All my heaters are equipped with Legrand connected cable outlets. I defined a heating planning in my Home + Control application to manage the activation and deactivation of one or several heaters at desired periods
  • When everybody leaves home, I launch the “Away” mode via my Home + Control app or with the Home/Away switch to deactivate all heaters
  • At 6PM everybody comes back home. I have set a planning in my application in order the heaters to automatically start heating 30 minutes before and reach wanted temperature
  • From time to time, I check in a simple click in my Home + Control application the overall consumption of my heaters and their real-time consumption

About Zehnder Group AG

Zehnder Group AG, through its subsidiaries, develops and manufactures a variety of products and systems for heating and cooling, comfort indoor ventilation, and interior air purification. Zehnder Group sells its products to the construction industry

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About Acova

Acova is one of the leading companies in France in the fields of central heating, electric radiators and bathroom radiators. Its primary target group is the mid-to-premium market segment of the residential construction sector (new builds and renovation projects). Focusing on its expertise in manufacturing customised radiators in innumerable colours, Acova’s unique selling proposition is its ability to “produce a radiator that truly reflects your personality”

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