A connected ventilation solution for healthier buildings and everyone’s well-being

Precisely control your ventilation in a smarter way thanks to ALDES EasyHOME with Netatmo solution. Connect it to the Legrand “… with Netatmo” ecosystem to complete your connected installation and enjoy healthy air


The best solution to optimize your Centralised Mechanical Extract Ventilation

According to the time of day and the number of people at home, ALDES EasyHOME with Netatmo will provide an optimized ventilation level inside the house. The solution is composed of the ALDES EasyHOME Auto Compact CMEV and its micromodule, combined with a wireless Céliane “… with Netatmo” switch communicating via the Legrand gateway module

Thanks to its compatibility with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, it benefits from the first ventilation system entirely manageable via the voice. You are washing the dishes and your hands are full? Just ask your CMEV system to turn itself on! Create interactions between your ventilation system and the third-party HomeKit compatible products as CO2 detectors to automatically launch the ventilation in case of abnormal level detection

With its integration in Home + Control from Legrand’s ecosystem, you’ll be able to define personalized plannings to automatically launch the ventilation according to your habits. Scenarios are also easily configurable via the Home + Control application (available on Android and iOS)

A usecase example

  • At 7 AM the sun rises and, the roller shutters in the living room open automatically
  • At 7:30 AM, after the family breakfast, the CMEV system is launched in boost mode to get rid of all the smells
  • From 8:30 AM, the ventilation stays in standard mode to extract polluted air
  • At 8 PM, dinner is over and done with. The ventilation is launched in boost mode again
  • From 9 PM until morning, the ventilation works in standard mode so that you enjoy a peaceful night


Established in 1925 in Lyon (France), where its headquarters are still located, Aldes Group is an international family-owned group, with more than 1,300 employees spanning 13 countries. Aldes Group specializes in the design, manufacturing and marketing of “integrated solutions for indoor well-being”. These solutions provide occupants with high-quality air, enable them to control room temperature and help guarantee optimal safety, while sustainably reducing energy consumption in buildings. Thanks to its diverse range of brands, each a leader in its respective market, the Group specializes in ventilation, heating, air cooling, domestic hot water production, central vacuum cleaning. HVAC components, smoke extraction and services. By anticipating both the increasing demands from consumers for indoor comfort as well as the changes in Energy Regulation, Aldes Group has based its strategy and growth on its capacity to offer global, innovative, high-performance solutions

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