mySmartJarvis is your personal butler. He can anticipate your needs and put in place schedules to improve your life. Jarvis learns from your habits, anticipate your needs, and operates actions before even being asked to do it

Image of mySmartJarvis application
Image of mySmartJarvis module and Céliane with Netatmo gateway

A partnership with Legrand

Thanks to Jarvis, your house is able to access remotely to all its connected devices. Close the garage door, watch images from your surveillance camera, manage the temperature, … as if you were at home

The goal of this partnership is to develop an ambitious Butler offer for connected housing and bring added value. For users, the artificial intelligence of this assistant is a great help, especially on assistance and autonomy topics

Thanks to mySmartJarvis advanced technology and linked to Wiring devices “… with Netatmo” devices via Legrand’s APIs, develop scenarios to enhance your everyday life

“Hello, I’m Jarvis, your butler”

Jarvis takes care for everything. He adjusts lighting and temperature for each room. He watches over you and your family. “Thanks to me, your connected devices will work together in a better and more efficient way : a cutting-edge technology to make your life easier”

With mySmartJarvis, your house anticipates and reacts according to your actions :

“Hello Alice, it’s 8:30AM, the weather is good today. The maximum temperature will be at 22°C”. Jarvis elaborates advanced scenarios. He gently wakes you up, gradually turn on the light and opens progressively the shutters

“You first meeting is in 60 minutes” :

Jarvis learns from your habits and operates actions before even asking it to him. It’s time for your favorite TV show ? “Initialization of “Cartoon between girls” mode. You then just have to sit down and enjoy

“Your appointment has arrived” : at each moment, you can take control thanks to an intuitive interface and do it from everywhere you are

Live serenely at home : Jarvis is here


mySmartJarvis has been founded in August 2016 by Davy Ramos & Jérôme Bourguignon. At CES 2019, mySmartJarvis presents a connected hotel room on a joint stand with Legrand. Two years after mySmartJarvis, still in partnership with Legrand, created with the mk2 group, the first cinema-hotel in the world
Today mySmartJarvis can be broken down into 5 main families: hospitality, real estate, smart home, home care and mobility
Within a common bond, the butler respects your data privacy
mySmartJarvis website :