IMA Protect

The alliance of insurance and home automation

IMA Protect aims to bring an unified solution to manage housing insurance, well-being and security in a single entry point in order to simplify procedures. The goal is to provide tranquility to users and to improve processing of requests for insurers

A program to manage connected devices via APIs and white-labeled applications

Thanks to its unique portal, IMA Protect wants to bring enhanced features to customers and insurance professional in four universes :

  • Security of goods and inhabitants
  • Home care and health
  • IMA paid customers services
  • Comfort and energy/money savings

A white-labeled application, developed for consuming our APIs, is given to end-users by partners as banks and insurers for ease of use. The goal is to manage home’s automation solutions from Legrand, Netatmo, and other brands via the same interface

Maia solution acts as a trusted third-party by warning in case of issue in housing detected by a connected device and simplify the organization for intervention of a repairman. Also, it can be used in health sector for elderly and disabled people’s home care

A usecase example

You are leaving home. Alarm is activated and automatically launch an automation scenario :

  • All lights turn off to save power and money
  • Water inlet shuts off to prevent from water damage
  • Shutters closes for security
  • Heating is set to eco mode
  • Cameras activation
  • Deactivation of connected power outlets
  • Connected door lock closes

This scene benefits users by providing them security and saving as well as insurers for prevention of risks related to home (security, damages, and so on)



IMA PROTECT offers alarm, monitoring and remote control solutions for your home

With IMA PROTECT, you control what is happening at home and simplify your everyday life

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