Connected emergency lighting

Facility managers have the obligation by the law to maintain a self-contained emergency lighting to indicate the emergency exits and guarantee a quick evacuation of the buildings. The Connected emergency lighting is the solution to help them to monitor their installations remotely and in real-time. Therefore, they can optimize their work and ensure a full respect of the regulatory obligations

An optimal connectivity to answer new uses

“Legrand ERPconnecté” is a web application available on all kind of mobile support. Thanks to this intuitive interface, manage remotely and in real-time all your connected installations without having to change your wiring habits. Up to 63 emergency lighting units can be managed by only one emergency lighting bus on mono and multisites

As a facility manager, ensure full compliance with regulatory obligations in a simplest way:

  • Security and comfort for occupants
  • Ensure a continuity of service
  • Increase of value for property assets
  • Decrease of maintenance costs

A universal installation

The new connected emergency lighting controller works for any type of buildings. With two references it’s possible to connect a building without or not an ethernet network

To take advantage of the connected features, the emergency lighting controller must be connected to the Ethernet network of the building or by radio frequency. Also, it must have been previously configured with the configuration tool gateway and the “Legrand Close up” application (available for Android and iOS)

An enhanced and environmentally-friendly visibility

The enhanced visibility system allows, when plugged on main power supply, to activate manually or automatically the blinking of the emergency lightings blocks. Therefore, the visibility of pictograms is increased. More specifically adapted to small buildings, this feature is accessible without any additional settings

Reduce the environment impact of your installation while maintaining performance and serenity:

  • LEDs lighting system
  • NF Environment certification
  • Electrical consumption divided by 2 compared to the former range
  • Ni-Mh battery for a more efficient consumption

A dedicated web application

Thanks to the “Legrand ERPconnecté” web application, access to an easy and remote monitoring of all your installations. Also, manage in real-time that everything is operational

The web application allows to:

  • Set an alert threshold for defective connected emergency lighting
  • Display the number of defective connected emergency lighting and the causes of breakdown
  • Receive notifications for each monitored site
  • Edit the list of spare parts for defective products
  • Edit status report

It can also detect dysfunctions:

  • For a block: battery failure, electronic failure, emergency light failure, communication issue, missing product
  • For the emergency lighting controller: disconnection from the Cloud

Real-time monitoring of your emergency lightings thanks to the “Legrand ERPconnecté” web app

The new connected emergency lighting solution:

View easily the issues on emergency lights. Be warned in real-time and on several Smartphones or tablets at once when a problem occurs

Receive an alert if an emergency light block is down, know the reason of the breakdown and retrieve the list of spare parts needed for the repair

If an entire block needs to be replaced, it can be done easily just by clipping it on its former support

As a technician, make timestamp status reports. They can be sent in real-time to the facility manager, warning him that the repair is done

Through your interface:

  • Check the status of installation
  • Generate timestamp status reports
  • Receive issue notifications
  • View the intervention forms
  • Know which block broke and which issue it encounters
  • Access to the list of needed spare parts

Legrand ERPconnecté: real-time monitoring of your installations

Availability ​


“Legrand Close Up” application

Download the dedicated Legrand Close Up application to manage Connected emergency lighting solution

Available API

Access to Emergency Lighting API