Smart AC Controller

Replace your traditional infrared remote control to enjoy a new experience allowing to remotely control your AC (fixed and mobile) or air-to-air heat pump wherever you are. Benefit from the omnidirectional technology to place the command where you want in the room. Set plannings according to your habits and needs. All AC units with an infrared controller and a screen displaying all the settings are compatible

A unique app to manage all your AC installation

Home + Security is your application to remotely control the temperature of your air conditioners in the simplest way. Manage daily plannings according to your habits and set desired temperature to anticipate if, for example, somebody comes early as expected at home : you can manually take back control at every moment. In a single interface, individually control all your AC devices

Smart functionalities to improve your everyday life

The Eco-Assist feature allows you to automatically turn off your AC when you leave home thanks to the built-in geolocation. Your AC Controller will make you save energy and money by avoiding any waste

The Smart AC Controller is equipped with humidity and temperature sensors. Thanks to them, get real-time and historical data of your indoor environment. In case of a need, take immediate actions and maintain a healthy air

Compatible with main vocal assistants : Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri. Easily manage your temperature with your voice

Smart AC Controller - The easy way to make your AC or heat pump smart

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“Home + Control“ application

Download the dedicated Home + Control application to manage the Smart AC Controller solution

Compatible vocal assistants

Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa