Manage a full automation system including videophone functions through a unique device. Thanks to the HOMETOUCH 7” screen, personalize the information displayed and control intuitively all the electrical devices of your MyHOME_Up installation locally, or remotely on a Smartphone or a tablet. Also, manage calls when someone rings directly on the display or from your Smartphone

View of the connection between a C300X13E, HOMETOUCH and Myhomeserver1

A design thought to adapt to all decorations

The polished glass of the 7” screen gives to this device a clean and discreet appearance. That’s why the HOMETOUCH will suit any type of interior decoration, from rustic to modern

Its contemporary lines and shape are the perfect match between strength and reliability. Its grey version is enhanced by a polycarbonate structure. Also available in white, the installation is facilitated thanks to the flush or on-wall mounting

All your functionalities are available directly on your touchscreen and are customizable. To improve energy savings, the proximity sensor allows to turn the screen on only when you approach it

Images of installed HOMETOUCH in grey and white versions

Dedicated applications for the management of your device

Thanks to “MyHOME_Up” application, manage all your house devices in the simplest way. Even far away, control your lights, shutters, heating and so on. Click here to discover this solution and all its application’s features

“Door Entry for HOMETOUCH” is designed to fulfil your needs concerning door’s gate answering. You never want to miss a call again when you are not home? Receive on your Smartphone or tablet the real-time sound and video of the visitor ringing at your door. Answer, unlock remotely your gate if needed and monitor remotely all your cameras

Image of MyHOME_Up and Door Entry applications

HOMETOUCH : One touch for total home control

Main features:

  • Easy to install, no configuration, customize the controls yourself
  • Sophisticated style, modern lines, shiny glass display, grey or white finish
  • Ideal in any living context

New touch for MyHOME_Up system - everything under control: shutters, lighting, temperature control, muti-room audio sound system, sockets

HOMETOUCH is also a connected video internal unit - someone rings at the C300X13E, you can control the functions locally: cameras, video door entry system. And remotely, take the call and unlock the gate with a Smartphone and the dedicated app “Door Entry for HOMETOUCH”

HOMETOUCH: thought to simplify your work

  • In function with simple steps: installation, connection, set up
  • Easy installation: flush-mounted with specific box and with the supplied bracket, or surface-mounted with existing boxes and the supplied bracket
  • Connect the HOMETOUCH to the system: power supply item 346020, AV BUS, bell push button if required, MyHOME_Up BUS. Connect to the home network through cable of Wi-Fi
  • Set up: simple and quick, no software needed, no configuration

Select the system to manage: MyHOME_Up and/or video door entry system

  • For MyHOME_Up system: HOMETOUCH synchronizes with MyHOMEServer1, automatically recognizing all devices
  • For video door entry system: fill in the addresses of entry panel, cameras, door locks. Finally, choose if you want to remote control with the app

The job is done! Now the HOMETOUCH interface can be customized directly by the user, choosing the favorite commands to see on the homepage