Smart Door Lock and Keys

Make life easier with a secure solution to manage access to your home. Remotely grant entry permissions to your guests wherever you are thanks to the free “Home + Security” application. Your Smartphone is now a new key !

Access your home effortlessly

Simply use your “Home + Security” application to lock and unlock your door thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity. NFC secured Smart Keys can also be used according to your family or guests needs

Don’t worry anymore about your home’s safety if you lose your keys or if they are stolen. It’s possible within the app to deactivate a physical key, so that it will never be able to work anymore and open your door

Send invitations via the app to grant access to your authorized visitors and revoke their rights at any time. Once in front of the door, they will be able to open it thanks to their own Smartphone. You can generate as many virtual keys as you want

The 4 included AAA batteries have more than a year lifespan. You’ll receive a notification when it will be time to replace them. No worry if you forgot to change them : as a last resort you can use an external power source with a micro-USB cable as a backup connection.

Benefit from the unique app “Home + Security” to access all devices from Netatmo Security range. No extra costs or subscription fees are asked

The Smart Door Lock is Apple Home compatible

A reliable and strong product

The product is designed to meet a high level of security. A certified NFC technology associated with the most reliable cryptographic protection methods makes the Smart Doorlock tamper-proof. Physical keys are impossible to duplicate, and virtual keys can be deactivated via the “Home + Security” application at any time. Connection between your Smartphone and the lock is ensured by a fully encrypted Bluetooth Low Energy communication

Safety is also provided by the quality of the materials used in manufacturing. High-strength stainless steel, anti-drilling plate and 3 safety pins make the device resistant to physical attacks. Also, its design makes it impossible to pick.

Cyberattacks aiming at remotely open your door are impossible as the Smart Door Lock isn’t connected to the Internet. Only a Bluetooth connection is asked or a physical action must be performed with the Smart Keys

Smart Door Lock and Keys : Safer and more flexible access to your home

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“Home + Security“ application

Download the dedicated Home + Security application to manage Smart Door Lock and Keys solution

Compatible vocal assistant

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