Classe 300EOS with Netatmo

Simply answer when it rings at your door with your Alexa built-in videophone, wherever you are. Manage it with your voice or via the “Home + Security” application. The device is built to enhance safety of your home thanks to its compatibility with existing Netatmo Smart Security solutions. Change your idea of video door phone !

Bring intelligence to the heart of your home

The Classe 300EOS with Netatmo is not only a door entry unit but a multifunctional device. It benefits from enhanced features as a modern and innovative design thanks to its 5” touchscreen, face detection with automatic centering of the person on the screen, or portrait/landscape mode via a double tap. This device is suitable for both individual dwelling and collective housing

This is the world’s first door entry unit with Alexa built-in. It allows to take advantage of all its functions as personalized routines, music player, settings of alarms, reminders, and to communicate with every Works with Alexa devices

It can act as a Bus SCS gateway for MyHOME_Up solution, including Alexa Voice Control to add functions as lighting, automation, temperature, energy, scenarios starting from door entry system and so on

Always keep an eye on your house thanks to “Home + Security” application

“Home + Security” is a complete application allowing to manage calls coming from the Classe 300EOS with Netatmo. Receive a notification on your Smartphone when someone rings at your door and answer it to hear and see your interlocutor. Manage gate opening, check your missed calls, if messages were left, … among other ingenious features

This solution also integrates all Netatmo Smart Security solutions as :

Classe 300EOS with Netatmo, the Evolution of Smart

Discover more than a simple connected video door phone. Ask your device to answer calls when someone rings at your door thanks to Alexa built-in. With a simple voice command, also ask for door opening

The Classe 300EOS with Netatmo is the world’s first internal door unit with integrated Alexa. Manage all your home’s appliance via your voice : turn on/off your lights, get weather information, manage your music, program alerts, … all Amazon Alexa’s features included into a unique connected videophone

Manage safety thanks to Netatmo’s Smart Security devices. The camera sends a notification on your Smartphone each time a movement is recorded and keep an historical. This Smart solution includes indoor and outdoor cameras, indoor siren, smart smoke detector, doors and windows sensors, a smart video doorbell, … accessible via a single application : “Home + Security”

An advanced control interface. When someone rings at your door, the image is processed to auto center your interlocutor and your Classe 300EOS with Netatmo provides all events as missed calls or messages sent for example

Your Classe 300EOS with Netatmo will become the heart of your connected home. integrated Amazon Alexa vocal assistant, MyHOME gateway, Wi-Fi videophone, compatibility with Netatmo Security devices

Availability ​

France, Italy

“Home + Security“ application

Download the dedicated Home + Security application to manage Classe 300EOS with Netatmo solution

Compatible vocal assistants

Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant


Available API

Access to Home + Security API on Netatmo Connect