Wattstopper Digital Lighting Management

Modern buildings need simple, flexible and scalable systems. The Wattstopper Digital Lighting Management (DLM) technology brings a secured control on power outlets, switches, and lights for energy optimization. Wired, wireless or hybrid solutions are available depending on the infrastructural needs

Main advantages of Wattstopper DLM solutions

  • Easy to install, this solution will suit every place by simply defining manual lighting control for spaces through an intuitive user interface
  • Light dimming functionality through occupancy sensors installed on walls or ceilings
  • ASHRAE 90.1, IECC and Title 24 code compliance
  • Operates using wired, wireless and hybrid connectivity with the possibility to integrate in current building systems already equipped with devices using BACnet protocol
  • DLM dashboard User interface allows monitoring of energy consumption and view of the overall system health
  • Security brought by device and Cloud authentication, encryption and Over-the-air updates
  • Available assistance with Wattstopper Connected Services: a secure and remote connection to Legrand’s Remote Operation Center for immediate diagnostics, programming, configuration and troubleshooting support. On-site support and training are also available

A new, complete, and easy to integrate wireless Platform

Wattstopper Wireless DLM can be integrated with existing wired devices through BACnet support

  • Ease of installation
  • IPv6 mesh for secure network communications with all wireless DLM devices
  • DLM Configuration app for commissioning, using Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Ten-year battery life, LED battery-alert indicator, and software notifications
  • Seamless design and compatibility between device

The latest IP based standards and protocols are used including 6LoWPAN mesh, based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard for low-power wireless devices and networks. It guarantees an optimal integration with the latest IoT systems. Projects can be installed faster, with less risk and reduced time to get a certificate of occupancy

  • Bluetooth wireless technology allows fast device commissioning with other compatible devices already installed by using DLM Configuration app on a mobile device
  • Auto-configuration of paired devices in a wireless DLM equipped room
  • Possibility of communication between Wattstopper DLM ecosystem and other existing systems using BACnet protocol

Software solutions for easy installation and monitoring

The DLM Configuration App allows to pair DLM devices over Bluetooth technology to configure rooms and create scenes. Manage your devices, test them and push Over-the-air updates. This user-friendly UI platform is accessible through an iPad app, Android tablet or windows 10 PC

LMCS Design and Programming Software is used for a quick commissioning and Over-the-air updates to multiple networked rooms simultaneously. Engineering drawings can be added and automatically communicated with Legrand’s cloud-based project database

The DLM Dashboard allows easy system maintenance and monitoring by providing a PC or app-based software enabled by an LMBR-650 Wireless Border Router (available on Google Play Store, AppStore and Windows 10)

Secure and Easy-to-Install Wireless DLM System | Wattstopper®

Tired of the massive amount of wires needed for your lighting control installation? Adopt the wireless lighting control platform! Previous wireless lighting control systems were difficult to install and lacked security. It’s not the case anymore

The Wattstopper DLM solution solves all these problems. It’s built on the latest IoT standards with a trusted built-in hardware chip for security, while providing flexible and easy installation

Main features:

  • Completely wireless connection between the devices of a room and other equipped rooms
  • Three easy options for mounting ceiling sensors
  • Customizable Snap-On ceiling mount sensors
  • Configuration app with sequence of operation profiles to easily meet code

Configuration app enabled commissioning using Bluetooth and secure IPv6 wireless mesh communication between devices from the wall switch to the Cloud. This commissioning is based on open standards for easy integration with BACnet, third-party building automation systems and IoT protocols


Two layers of security

Secure Commission Technology

  • Device Authentication: Trusted hardware chips provide secure device-to-device and device-to network communication, preventing outside devices from being able to connect to the lighting control network
  • Zero-Touch Encryption Provisioning: Pre-loaded digital identity and security profiles make the system automatically secure out-of-the-box
  • Lighting Network Isolation: Designed to operate on a parallel network that can be supported through a secure, remote connection with Wattstopper Connected Services

Secure Control technology

Cloud Authentication: Supports user authentication which allows electrical contractors and technicians proper authorization to use the DLM configuration app as well as site authentication to provide access to already commissioned buildings

  • AES Encryption: Communication between devices is protected by AES-128 symmetric key encryption. Keys are randomly generated and securely shared while cryptographic processors store and manage certificates and keys to create a secure hardware environment
  • Over-the-air (OTA) Firmware Updates: Updates can be transmitted securely with Datagram Transport Layer Session (DTLS) and verified by trusted hardware for authenticity

The new wireless DLM devices are completely compatible with existing wired products providing the possibility to have rooms in one building that are either wired, wireless, or a hybrid of both

DLM rooms can be connected together in a building wide network wirelessly, through wireless bridge for wired or hybrid systems. Wireless room controllers already have the functionality built in. In a networked system, facility managers can control the lighting of an entire building with the ALL NEW DLM DASHBOARD, the FREE software User Interface that allows facility managers to see the overall system health, demonstrate demand response, change sensor settings, set up lighting schedules and monitor energy consumption. This brings Wattstopper’s lighting control technologies into a single powerful platform

Availability ​

United States of America

"DLM Config" application

Download the dedicated DLM Config application to manage Wattstopper Digital Lighting Management solution