Smart Alarm System with Camera

Be assured of maximum protection for your home with a complete video alarm system. Thanks to smart cameras, sensors and a powerful siren, deter all intrusions and be immediately warned if any event happens. No need anymore to wonder if you forgot to activate the alarm system thanks to its smart features

An innovative Indoor Camera …

The Indoor Camera benefits from an advanced recognition system allowing to detect humans and pets. To avoid being alerted unexpectedly, the camera is able to recognize known faces from your family and guests. No problem to distinctly see what happens thanks to the Full HD 1080p technology and the infrared night vision which even works in total darkness

When an event occurs, videos are recorded and stored into a SD card for privacy of house’s occupants. The camera can be controlled via Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit

… Supplemented by Smart alert devices

With the Smart Door and Windows Sensors*, be warned even before an intruder enters. Thanks to its vibrations detection system, a notification is sent if a door or window is suddenly opened. Be also notified if they are opened during a too long time, according to settings defined into “Home + Security” application

The Smart Indoor Siren* will trigger a powerful 110 dB alarm if an unknown face is detected during your absence. It benefits from pre-recorded sounds to deter intruders or simulate presence (dog barking, baby cries, vacuum cleaner, …). Your alarm is automatically set when nobody is home and disarms when an authorized person comes in. Also equipped with a vibration sensor, it can detect if a burglar tries to manually disable it

* Only works with a Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera

An application to warn you if an event happens

The “Home + Security” application is aimed to manage your installation. You just have to link your devices to your account, and you will be able to operate them and do all needed settings. Access to live stream and recorded videos to know in real-time what is happening at home, remotely launch sounds via your Smart Siren, deactivate the alarm in case of false positive, and so on

Smart Alarm System with Camera

A complete security system :

  • Sensor for Doors and Windows
  • Smart Camera
  • Smart Siren

It detects movement when someone opens the door and recognizes your family thanks to facial recognition

The alarm automatically disarms when a familiar face is recognized. When everybody leaves home, the system automatically rearms

When an intruder is detected it triggers a powerful 110dB alarm to chase him away and sends an alert via your Smartphone

Leave home with peace of mind thanks to intruder alert, a powerful alarm and an easy installation of the different devices of your Netatmo Security System

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“Home + Security“ application

Download the dedicated Home + Security application to manage Smart Alarm System with Camera solution

Available API

Access to Home + Security API on Netatmo Connect