Lighting management system

Designed ideally for low consumption accredited constructions and best user experience, the Legrand lighting management system based on KNX provides optimum automatic or manual management of lighting, shutters, socket outlets and ventilation

Optimized control

KNX control units provide multiple smart functions for managing lighting, shutters, scenarios, socket outlets and temperature

KNX detectors provide access to the advanced automation functions required in any ‘green’ building based on Occupancy/Daylight:

  • Stand-by/maintained dimming
  • Programmed lighting maintenance
  • Scenario triggering depending on presence/absence, natural light levels or hour

Distributed or centralized installation

Equipped with different outputs able to manage all kind of light sources (LEDs, DALI, 1-10 V ballasts…), controllers receive commands from detectors and control units and act on lighting or shutter loads

Their installation may take one of two from factors:

  • Traditional centralized installation using modular products installed in the electrical panel
  • Distributed installation consisting in having the controllers locally installed in false ceilings where the loads are and not in the main cabinet as usual

Complete building management

Beyond providing optimum control of lighting and shutters, the KNX protocol allows interoperability with all applications installed in commercial sector building (HVAC, access control…), whoever supplies them

KNX lighting management system can be also integrated into an active building management system through a KNX API based on IP: that makes data availability for third-parties deploying innovative services for energy efficiency, workspace optimization and well-being of occupants

Use cases examples

Real-time visibility of room occupancy allows users to access a meeting room that was reserved but not used

Real occupation rate of rooms can also be used by facility managers to adapt cleaning work and maintenance

Property managers can use such data to optimize the distribution of rooms and their capacity, e.g. opting for more rooms with a lower capacity that are used regularly, rather than a few large rooms that are always occupied by small group

Legrand Lighting management system BUS/KNX: an ecological installation for low-energy buildings

Discover the new low-energy middle school Anita-Conti at Saint-Nazaire (France) and its Legrand BUS/KNX lighting management system, allowing to achieve important energy savings. This school with an area of 6200m² had to meet the French thermal regulations of 2005 for low-energy buildings

The project manager on the building site has implemented a management system for lighting and shutters, sophisticated enough to meet this regulation. In order to work, the system needs:

  • Legrand ECO2 presence detectors
  • Home automation control systems and Legrand KNX commands for windows
  • DALI dimmers lighting management controllers taking natural lighting into account

Thanks to the two differentiated light management systems – ECO2 detectors for classrooms and DALI lighting management – luminosity adapts to specific needs. The electrical installer implemented these two systems linked to a Legrand BUS/KNX home automation electrical box

This light and windows management solution had been chosen for the scalability possibilities of the devices and its programming easiness. Indeed, the electrical programming was simple to implement thanks to a partnership between Legrand and the electrician installer, which notably resulted in training for the electrical boxes programming

Thanks to an intelligent mastery of artificial light – through the ECO2 presence detectors and the light variation provided by the DALI controllers – up to 60% energy savings can be done compared to a conventional lighting system

Availability ​

France, Italy, Spain, China