Smart Video Doorbell

Wherever you are, be able to see who is ringing at your door and answer directly via your Smartphone. Benefit from peace of mind thanks to features warning you when somebody approach your door without even ring at it

Always keep an eye on your front door wherever you are

The Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell let you see and speak to visitors at your door. You’re waiting for a parcel but you are at work ? Simply give instructions to the deliverer. You are gardening and can’t hear the chime ? Just take a look at your phone

Convert your Doorbell into a real ally for home safety. Its Full HD 1080p camera, infrared vision and “Person detection” feature allows to always watch what happens and prevent from potential burglars by talking to them through the integrated speaker

If you already have an existing installation with a wired doorbell with chime, this device is ideal for renovation as it just has to be plugged to the power supply (8-24 VAC & 230 VAC). In new housing, the Smart Doorbell from Netatmo can be installed like any other classical doorbell (a traditional chime must be installed in addition)



Fully manage your device with the Home + Security application

Home + Security is the Netatmo’s application allowing you to manage received calls. When somebody ring the bell, your Smartphone rings as if you were receiving a classical call. It is then possible to first see who is at your door and to choose to answer or not

Retrieve a timeline with all events and access the live stream of your doorbell to monitor in real-time what is happening in front of your house. Your doorbell is also a surveillance tool allowing you to enjoy serenity

This device is compatible with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Secured data and no subscription fees

A high-security encryption ensures a maximum protection of your videos. Also, they are locally stored in the included microSD card. Backup options are available if you want to externally save your recordings (Dropbox or personal FTP server)

No hidden costs : no additional subscription will be asked, no matter the number or events and recordings. Also, updates and app enhancements are and will remain free

Answer your door from anywhere - Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell

Easily replace your old ring button by a brand new Netatmo Smart Doorbell. Be warned via your Smartphone when someone is at your door

You’re enjoying a good family time and a salesperson rings at your door ? Just ignore him and don’t waste your time !

You’re waiting for a package but nobody is at home ? Answer directly via your Smartphone and give delivery instructions

You’re not at home and someone is lurking in front of your house ? Be warned thanks to the “Person detected” feature and deter potential intruders by activating the built-in speaker and talk to them to scare them away


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“Home + Security“ application

Download the dedicated Home + Security application to manage Smart Video Doorbell solution

Available API

Access to Home + Security API on Netatmo Connect