MyHOME is an adaptative BUS solution allowing local and remote control of electrical appliances to enhance comfort, security and energy saving at home. It can be installed with 2 types of server : the MyHomeServer1 or the Classe 300EOS with Netatmo also acting as a connected videophone. Different applications are available : Home + Project for installers, Home + Control and Home + Security for end-users

A solution for full home management

Supervise all functions of the house as lightings, shutters, energy and temperature control

More autonomy is now given to the end-user with the customization of each device and the creation of personalized scenarios (up to 50). Monitoring of overall electrical consumption is possible

Schedules can be set to automate actions like automatic opening and closing of shutters at precise hours, or synchronized with sunrise and sunset. Heating system can also be precisely managed to gain in efficiency and save money

Be warned when someone is front of the door have never been easier. An alert is sent on user’s Smartphone when somebody rings allowing to take the call and to see visitors. Home security is increased with motion and people detection, and an historic of received calls is stored in a timeline

Different installation possibilities are now given

In new installations, the updated MyHOMEServer1 will automatically be linked to the new applications (the installer configures with Home + Project app and the end-user manage with Home + Control and Home + Security apps). In existing installations, a firmware update must be done. It can be carried out by the installer or directly by the end-user. Management of the installation is done via the HOMETOUCH screen

The Classe 300EOS with Netatmo also acts as a SCS server. In addition to bring connected videophone features, it allows via its screen the management of MyHOME system

BTicino: MyHOME becomes even smarter

Home + Project : create MyHOME systems as you have always done using MyHOMEServer1 that supports 2-wires BUS technology. Existing systems are also compatible with the new apps. Or use a Classe 300EOS with Netatmo, also supporting 2-wires BUS technology. Thanks to the application, design plants at the office or directly on site. Copy/paste projects, group them easily and get all project and devices information at a glance. Configure on site with the mobile version

Home + Control : the app for a comfortable home. Manage lights, automations, loads control, scenarios, thermoregulations, electrical consumption and receive smart notifications

Home + Security : For a safe home. The app for managing video door entry system and security

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“Home + Project“ application

Download the dedicated Home + Project application to install and configure MyHOME solution

“Home + Control“ application

Download the dedicated Home + Control application to manage MyHOME solution

“Home + Security“ application

Download the dedicated Home + Security application to manage MyHOME solution

Available API

Access to Home + Control API on Netatmo Connect