Smarther “… with Netatmo”

Essential design. Modern style. The new connected thermostat allows optimal management of your heating. With its thickness, glass-effect finish and metallized details, its design will suit every interior decoration. At the heart of the heat system of your house, benefit from real-time information as temperature, humidity and distinctive functions as “Boost” for a fast reach of desired temperature

Side view of 2 versions of Smarther with Netatmo

A complete management of your heating

Smarther “… with Netatmo” is available in 2 colors (black, white) and 2 installation methods : flush mounted or wall mounted. It benefits from enhanced features :

  • Monitoring of consumption : thanks to “Home + Control” application, monitor easily your heater’s consumption. Track the temperature (setpoint and by room) and the total heating time
  • Launch preset scenes : according to your habits, launch predefined scenarios as daily and weekly programs, desired temperature when at home, away, sleeping, …
  • Multi devices mangement: via the same interface into your “Home + Control” app, manage several thermostats in the same house, or in different houses
  • Boost function : reach fast desired temperature in a limited time (30, 60 or 90 minutes), regardless the current program or ambient temperature
  • Voice control compatibility : manage your heating via your voice and your favorite vocal assistant (Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri)
  • Away mode : you’re not home for a few days ? Pilot remotely your thermostat to set antifrost mode for example. Launch any program you want !
  • Geolocation feature : automatically switch off your heating when you are not home by setting routines to be used in your favorite vocal assistant
  • Local control : of course, you can also set parameters of your device manually to adjust temperature, consult humidity rate, launch scenes, and so on
Image of Home + Control application

Smarther with Netatmo | The connected thermostat

Begin your day with maximum comfort. Manage your indoor temperature wherever you are with “Home + Control” application

Compatible with voice assistants : Alexa, Google and HomeKit. Benefit from innovative boost function allowing to set desired temperature for immediate comfort

Manual management to set temperature, options, or consult humidity percentage. Monitor your consumption via “Home + Control” application

Smarther with Netatmo turns on the system on advance to achieve the desired temperature : adapting to your habits. Comfort in every room with the Netatmo Smart Radiator valves

Available in 2 colors (black and white). Smarther with Netatmo : essential design, maximum comfort wherever you are