Connected STOP & GO

Manage remotely your electrical installation and be warned in case of power failure. Particularly adapted to small commercials, this solution allows you to re-energize remotely your electrical appliances in case of thunderstorm for instance

Manageable and remote alert

In case of power failure of your switchboard, the connected STOP & GO is the solution you need. It can be installed either for new construction or for renovation. Thanks to its integrated Wi-Fi module, be warned in real-time of your electrical installation’s state. A notification is sent on your Smartphone through the “Legrand Power ON” application. If all the safety conditions are gathered, re-energize remotely your appliances directly with your Smartphone. Otherwise, thanks to the warning, you can re-energize the installation yourself manually or ask to someone else to do it

This innovative device is particularly useful for small commercials where it is imperative to maintain a constant power supply. With the connected STOP & GO, your appliances are always powered on (freezers, alarms, cold rooms, heating and so on). Gain on serenity and comfort! Manage easily your electrical installation according to possible power cuts, even if it happens often

The EMS CX³ range for a better efficiency

For larger sites and commercial buildings, the EMS CX³ range is complementary to the connected STOP & GO and totally compatible. This complete energy management system allows the verification and the proper functioning of your electrical installation. Each module has a precise function allowing to:

  • Measure the electrical values
  • Be warned of the state of the devices
  • Manage remotely or locally

A dedicated application

“Legrand Power ON” is the application allowing you to configure and use the connected STOP & GO. Easy to manage, just associate the device of your switchboard to your application. Take control of your installation even when you are far away from home!

No more heating or your refrigerator is not powered anymore? Receive an alert directly on your Smartphone to be warned of the issue. With a simple click – depending on the safety conditions – restore the power supply!

Connected STOP & GO Legrand

Catherine is a restaurant owner. She is currently at home when a storm hits her restaurant and the electricity supply is cut off. She has a security camera linked to her connected STOP & GO. In her electrical installation, her connected STOP & GO turned to off. In the meantime, she receives an alert on her Smartphone to warn her that her security camera is disconnected. With a simple click on the “Turn to ON” button, the connected STOP & GO analyze the circuit and detects that no other failure happened. It automatically restores the power supply

A few days later, Catherine is closing her restaurant. At home, the connected STOP & GO turned to off because it detected that one of her fridge was too hot, which shows that there is an issue. One more time, she re-energizes her connected STOP & GO through her application. No other issue is detected, the power supply is restored!

Take the control of your installation everywhere you are

Catherine is now on holidays. Once again, her fridge is too hot. But this time a more important issue is detected. She is warned through a notification but here, for security reasons, she can’t restore the power remotely. She decides to call her electrician in order to fix the issue and reactivate manually the connected STOP & GO in her restaurant. When it’s done, she receives immediately a notification to tell her that the power came back to “ON”

Connected STOP & GO: be warned and manage your electrical installation locally or remotely

Availability ​

France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Malta

“Legrand Power ON” application

Download the dedicated Legrand Power ON application to manage Connected STOP & GO solution

Available API

Access to StopAndGo API