IP Door Entry System

IP Door Entry System is the perfect solution for large residential building with a high number of apartments, able to guarantee high performance, long distances and high video signal quality.
The system is conceived to be flexible and adaptable to different installations and building needs. The configuration is easy and done using a dedicated software to create topology, adjust parameters and associate the devices with a scan tool, ensuring an error-proof installation !   
Lift control, CCTV ONVIF cameras as well as alarm sensors can be integrated in the IP Door Entry System giving the opportunity to create a complete and synergical system

Simple to install and to use

For installer : configuration by software

The Server DES with the configuration software is used to perform the setting of parameters and ensures a flawless installation process thanks to scanning tools. A computer can be used to access webpages allowing diagnostic, maintenance and update of installations

For guard station : daily management

Operators at guard stations can access the software installed on the site server using a regular computer. Everyday management is made possible, as the creation and updates of residents’ information (face, fingerprint, badges, …). Additionally, they can send messages to indoor units, modify the advertising carousel and screensavers on the entrance panels, manage alarms and events history, or monitor IP cameras installed in the commons. From the guard station devices it is possible to transfer incoming calls on individual indoor units or to other guard stations

For end-user : easiness with Home + Security app

Incoming calls are directly received on user’s smartphone, wherever he is. In case of missed calls, messages can be left and the history of alerts is kept. Directly hear and see who is ringing at the door and take fast actions like the activation of electrical door locks

A large selection of devices and technologies to fit every building’s needs

A wide range of products and functionalities are available :

  • Multiple access ways thanks to fingerprint, face recognition, RFID badge, smartphone or access code
  • Multiple ways to call an appartement : standard, alphanumeric or address book
  • Multichannel connections for simultaneous conversations with high quality video calls based on IP protocol
  • Smartphone calls notification, detection of moves and people, door locks opening
  • IP Onvif cameras live monitoring in private and common areas
  • Lift control to directly bring visitors and residents to needed floor
  • Up to 8 alarm sensors and emergency pushbutton

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“Home + Security“ application

Download the dedicated Home + Security application to manage end-user features from IP Door Entry System solution