iDiamant with Netatmo

You own Bubendorff radio shutters and you want to manage them everywhere you are? The gateway iDiamant with Netatmo is the device you need! This solution is available for Bubendorff radio shutters manufactured since 2011. Access to the compatibility list on

The benefits of iDiamant with Netatmo

An easy installation: You just need to plug the gateway into any power outlet (within the Wi-Fi range of your router and the radio range of your shutters). Then, just launch the “Home + Control” application and follow the steps for synchronization

Define your own scenes: With a simple tap, launch the pre-defined scenes or create your own ones. For example: launch the “Departure” scene to close every shutter at once of your house. Activate the “Arrival” scene when you come back to open all your shutters or some of them. You can also manage all kind of connected devices linked to your “Home + Control” application (gateway from the range of wiring devices “… with Netatmo” required)

Customizable planning: Adapt the behaviour of your rolling or hinged shutters to your habits. Set a custom planning – for example: the opening of all the shutters at 7 AM on week days – or let them automatically open and close according to sunrise and sunset

Speak to your installation: Thanks to Siri (Apple HomeKit), manage your shutters individually by giving simple voice commands. No need to lift a finger!

A unique and simple application

Use the “Home + Control” application to set up easily your iDiamant with Netatmo. Once done, manage the opening and closing of all your shutters with a simple click and define your own parameters (scenes, planning …). Also, the application can manage all kind of connected devices like the plugs and switches of the range “… with Netatmo”, thermostats and so on (gateway from the range of wiring devices “… with Netatmo” required)

Bubendorff, iDiamant with Netatmo

Installation in a trice: control remotely your shutters with the Legrand “Home + Control” application

Some simple use cases:

  • When being at home, the shutters can be closed by a simple click on the application. When on holidays at the beach, a simple click is also enough to manage the rolling shutters
  • It is 7:30 AM and the shutters are planned in the “Home + Control” application to automatically open. At 10:15 PM, for bedtime, the shutters automatically close. It is children’s naptime, the rolling shutters can be closed by the voice
  • When leaving home, the “Departure” scene can be launched: all the shutters of the house close. With the “Arrival” scene, all the shutters open

Your shutters simply connected: Remote opening and closing, customizable scheduling, voice control, personalized scenes

Availability ​

France, Germany

“Home + Control“ application

Download the dedicated Home + Control application to manage Electrical Panel “… with Netatmo” solution

Available API

Access to Home + Control API on Netatmo Connect

Home + Control API on Works with Legrand is deprecated