Smart Smoke Alarm

Be alerted in real-time on a Smartphone in case of smoke detected in a building and take immediate actions, even when outside. With a 10-year battery, low battery alerts and the automatic self-check function, be always assured that the device is fully working

As a standalone product, it’s not needed to connect it to a third-party hub. No hidden costs !

A fire-protection device for your peace of mind

Be able to react and take actions quickly thanks to the photoelectric (optical) smoke alarm able to send an alert on your smartphone in case on smoke detection and to trigger a powerful 85-dB alarm

Have you ever been woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of your smoke detector not having battery anymore ? You will never be annoyed as you will receive notifications when your battery is low. Thanks to it’s 10-years lifespan, you will know that it’s time to replace your device as detector parts are not efficient anymore after a decade

Benefit from peace of mind with the automatic self-check function. The device constantly monitors its own battery level, sensors and Wi-Fi connection. If there is an issue on a component or the connection, you are immediately warned via notification

Integrated to Home + Security ecosystem

As a standalone product, the smoke detector is easily configurable in the application and doesn’t need another device to communicate via Wi-Fi

In addition to being warned in case of fire, you can also deactivate the alarm on a simple Smartphone click in case of false alert while cooking for example

The Bluetooth Low Energy protocol allows full remote use of the Hush feature and the HomeKit compatibility. The product can also be managed with Google Assistant

As a high-quality security device, the Smart Smoke Alarm is CE certified in order to comply with regulations in Europe. Also, it benefits from the NF certification, a French label given to devices that meet highest safety standards

A 10 year battery and Smartphone alerts for complete protection – the Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm

10-year battery for a safer home : a simple installation to help protect all family. A powerful 85-dB alarm is triggered as soon as smoke is detected. It permits to alert home’s occupants and even people outside thanks to real-time alert via Smartphone. A simple click in the application allows to remotely disable the siren

An innovative auto-check function sends report to warn about device’s state : check of the battery, the sensor, and Wi-Fi connection

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“Home + Security“ application

Download the dedicated Home + Security application to manage Smart Smoke Alarm solution

Available API

Access to Home + Security API on Netatmo Connect