Guest Room Management System

Rooms occupation rates, prices, quality of services, … hotel industry must face today many challenges in order to stay competitive. To answer those needs, Legrand built a full solution able to manage rooms and services, increase comfort of the guests and bring a real added value for everyone

View of the thermostat, the card access control and scene control panel

A full hospitality room management system

The GRMS (Guest Room Management System) is the automation system of the hotel room. It manages information sent by the commands, allowing to operate many functions:

  • Light management (ON/OFF or dimmer)
  • Openings (curtains, rolling shutters and so on)
  • HVAC system
  • Launch ambiance and comfort scenes
  • Manage services as “Do Not Disturb” (DND) or “Make Up Room” (MUR)
  • Presence/absence of the guest in the room
  • Communication with third-party systems as supervisors, access controls, PMS, Smartphones/tablets, TV and so on

The BACnet solution allows the system to be interoperable with most PMS (Property Management System) and BMS (Building Management System) on the market

Illustration of managed functions for Guest Room Management System

Fulfil the needs from Budget to Luxury rooms

Prestige installations need powerful tools. Legrand provide the possibility to totally customize the products. It’s possible to choose, for each device, the frame and touch plate color, icons, add the hotel logo and so on

As even the small details are important, a wide variety of shapes, materials and finishes are proposed. Design and identity of each hotel are asserted thanks to the possibility of choice among more than 100 ranges of wiring devices to cover all requirements. Made-to-measure products can even be provided, including all international standards

Illustration of the UX for Upscale Hotel website

Legrand - Room control system for hospitality buildings

A customer arrives in the lobby of his hotel. At the reception, he is given the keycard for his room. In the meantime, the receptionist activates the entry door of the room on the computer to open it thanks to the HRC software. The customer plugs his keycard in the keycard reader to automatically turn the lights on and the HVAC, set on 28°C, decrease to 21°C.  At the same time, at the reception, they can watch in real time the state of the room: the temperature decrease, the lights turning on, …

The customer is now working on the desk where some equipment is integrated as USB, HDMI, RCA and RJ45 plugs. He also has a command panel where he can launch by a simple click a scenario. Here, he chooses to set the “Work mode”: the desk lamp turns on and other lamps of the room are dimmed

This is now bedtime and our customer is reading. He activates a new scenario on the console panel near his bed to automatically turn off all the lamps excepted the ones around the bed. Then, he pushes the “Do not disturb” button. Finally, he pushes the “Bedtime” button to turn off all the lights, close the shutters and set the room’s temperature to 19°C

The next morning, at the reception, he gives back his keycard. By a simple click the receptionist deactivate the room: the heating and the lights are turned off

Integrated solutions: rediscover the hotel management with Legrand. Simple and Smart