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Ceiling Fan Switch Functionality

Hello, I thought I had seen a few threads on the forum regarding an upcoming Radiant ‘..with Netatmo’ Ceiling Fan switch. After the recent forum update, the search function is not working for me, but I’m wondering if that device is still coming and if there was any news on it’s availability.  Thanks!

Hi Joshua,

Forum search seems OK on my side. I have good results with “radiant fan switch” for example. Does the research bar don’t work at all on your side, or was it a keyworld problem ?

I confirm that the product is still planned in the US, but I don’t have an availability date on my side. If you have a Legrand representative, you could try to ask him the question

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager

Hi Leslie, Thanks for the update. I am looking forward to that device very much. Understanding you do not know when it will be available, is there any additional information available?

To your other question, I am currently using Safari(macOS/iOS) and my search bar doesn’t do anything. I can type in it, however the action button or hitting enter, does NOT initiate a search.

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Search has never worked in Safari, neither in this forum or the previous iteration. I have to use Chrome browser on my Mac when I need to search.


As for the fan switch; I can tell you it hasn’t been posted to the FCC OET authorization page yet, and usually we’re a quarter out from the time it shows up there. With the exception of the Radiant w/ Netamo devices; it was over a year from the time they went through the FCC to being available for order.


For the search bar it will be soon resolved : we hide the button to launch the form, which works for all browsers … except Safari

FYI @Brant we’ll also add a login button directly on the forum. It will facilitate the log-in following the email reception

Don’t hesitate to tell me if you see other problems or improvements to do

Concerning the fan switch availability in Radiant range, I’ll have a meeting soon with the Product Manager. I’ll try to get more information directly from him regarding the availability

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager

Hey Leslie, any info to share regarding ceiling fan functionality? Thanks!

Leslie, Hope you’ve been well. Are there any updates to share regarding a US Radiant Netatmo Ceiling Fan controller? Thanks!


The only thing I know is that Legrand hasn’t submitted anything to the FCC in all of 2023 related to Netatmo devices. The last product to go through review was the wireless scene switch in early July of 2022. Typically once a product goes through the FCC we are 4-6/mo from availability. It was end of December 2022 before I received my scene switch samples.

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