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Home+control not on IFTTT anymore

When I want to create a new scénario, I can't find home+control anymore

Old scenes still OK, I can find some scenes in the library using h+C.

I have no problem to find other netatmo services.

Hello Jean,

We stopped the maintenance of our services concerning Home + Control on IFTTT. Existing applets will still continue to work, but it will not be possible anymore to create new applets or to link new accounts to IFTTT

An official communication will be done later

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

What alternative have you got to federate all 'with netatmo' and netatmo products?

I follow your procedure from "Home + control Ifttt scene triggers stopped working" and I lost everything!

I tried Enki but events are not managed.


Hello Jean,

Only the "Legrand/Netatmo/Bticino - Home + Control" IFTTT service is impacted, not Netatmo's ones

Main interesting interactions previously only available via services as IFTTT are now natively available in Legrand Home + Control/Home + Security applications

If there is some kind of missing possibilities, please tell them to me

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

There is absolutely nothing to connect all together Netatmo/Legrand in home* applications!

How can you set "no body home" from exit button,how to start enter scénario from face recognition of indoor camera, switch energy  schedule from custom button or energy meter warning, switch on light from  outdoor camera?

And I forget interaction with hue light, gardena....

Where are your interesting interactions between Netatmo/Legrand systems?

Have you got alĺ this in next applications releases to replace ifttt?

I tried to remove my applet and to restore .... Not possible to restore when the applet is in "archive"

<span class="Y2IQFc" lang="en">have to throw my switches Legrand withe Netatmo in the trash ? how to launch the scenes now?
it's overwhelming this stoppage of service.... a solution please

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