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webhook delay

hello, i am receiving the webhook data of my smarther thermostats with considerable delay and my automations cannot be used in this way. Can you please solve?

thank you.

Thanks, I'll keep you updated on response times ..

Sdomotica addons suite could make 1.500 requests.

Not the same of webhook, but more usable.




Leslie, is the magic over yet?


@sdomotica How do you make 1500 calls if the limit is 500?  Did you make deals with Leslie and Legrand?

Now the delays are back to normal.

Hello Roberto,

Seems like magic came back ;). More seriously, I think it was just a temporary issue

@Sandro I'm curious too to know how you can reach more than 500 calls. According to your documentation, it's the limit

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

@Leslie We are all curious to know this trick!!
Maybe if you don't close the http request you can call Azure servers as many times as you want before to be banned for ddos attack!

Sorry, I created a lot of confusion.

I have 500 calls limit. Please forgot my previous post.




Hi Leslie, the webooks are back to being disastrous ... the problem has not been solved yet and has been going on for about 12 hours ...


Good morning @Leslie,
the webook situation is once again disastrous.
It is an unusable tool with these delays ..

Hello Roberto,

I forwarded your issue and screen to Smarther teams. I'm waiting for their feedback

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Hello Roberto and others,

Here is the feedback from Smarther team :

It seems we had little issue on the monitoring of this service app load, so during the weekend we couldn't restore some service app instances and so again the big amount of data caused delayed C2C. Now we've tuned up the monitoring so the service should keep good performances.

So, these operations should improve the stability of webhooks

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Thanks @Leslie.
One thing I did not understand.
When I launch a command from the thermostat, how long does the webook take to send me the update?
I see that if I launch the boost from the app or the thermostat sometimes I get the update after 40 seconds, sometimes after a few minutes.
If the delays are not regular, it can take up to half an hour.
Is there a rule that manages the sending of webooks?

Sorry @Leslie, I don't mean to be "heavy" but I would say the problem is not solved yet.


Hi Roberto,

Don't worry, you're not "heavy" at all ;). Your logs are a useful way for our teams to better manage webhooks monitoring. I'll report your new screen to them

Webhooks are supposed to forward info in real-time without delay (when it works correctly of course ...). The issue we are facing is that at some periods the storage is full and JSONs files are in queue. So the component send changes with a huge delay

As I told you, we already did a scale-up for this component, but it seems that it's not enough 🙁

I'll keep you informed

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

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