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Generic Topic

The WORKS WITH LEGRAND is an open interoperable platform, a strategic part of Eliot, the Legrand innovative program dedicated to promoting the design and deployment of Legrand allows connected devices.
The program allows the Legrand ecosystem to be compatible with major IoT global players.
WORKS WITH LEGRAND, thanks to important partnerships, breaks boundaries enabling 3rd party to connect their devices or services with Legrand products.
In this webportal you could be part of our connections and advertise your solution.
The WORKS WITH LEGRAND is mainly targetted for:
  • Software Developers and Start Ups
  • Leading groups and 3rd party services companies
  • IoT Platform
  • Universities & Opinion leaders
The program is an open approach to enable innovation for living and working spaces; if you are integrating our solutions or do you want to enable services based on data coming from Legrand devices, this is the right place.
Develop your solution and start to be part of our community!
You can consume Legrand Apis free of charge, after the Log In, but with some limitations on the number of calls.
If you want to become part of our connections or do you need to have a more number of calls permitted, you need to go in the Contact page, choose the "Become a partner" item and fill all the form.
We will receive your request and we will contact you as soon as possible
Thanks to be part of our community! You can share your solution with us using the Contact page choosing the "Develop an application" item.
Fill in all the request and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Account Management

In order to access to data concerning the Apis or to submit issues you need to create an account. Go on the Sign Up page.
If you are a developer / partners you have to choose the "Developer Account" click and start filling all the form.
If you have already created a Legrand account (using devices applications), you can use it to sign-in.
Form of update account information on WORKS WITH LEGRAND portal

To change your credential (email, First name and Surname) you need to Sign In click on the Profile menu and choose "Change Account Information".
Once you have clicked there you will see the page depicted in the image.
Change the field you want and insert the password to confirm this action.

Form of sign in page on WORKS WITH LEGRAND portal

Go in the Sign In page.
Choose the option "Can't access you account?" and follow the instructions.


Unfortunately, there are no test accounts or devices for the moment.
It is not possible. The only way to access the data and the devices is via the Cloud APIs
Table of errors
Error Code Name Description Possible Solution


Bad Request
Something is probably wrong in your request body or headers.
Check your request body and headers.
User is not authorized to access the requested resource.
  • user not registered in Eliot cloud: sign in to Eliot cloud before sending your request
  • error on subscription key (missing product subscription): check your product subscription
  • user is trying to access to a resource (plant/thermostat) on which he is not allowed to: check that you are using right user credentials on right plant and device."

Quota Exceeded
Out of call volume quota. Quota will be replenished in hh:mm:ss.
Wait for the suggested time to repeat your request.
Resource not found/Gateway offline
Something is probably wrong in your request URL or your thermostat is temporary disconnected from the network.
Check your request URL, including request parameters (api version, plant id, module id) or check your thermostat connection.
Request timeout
Request timeout
Wait few seconds and try to send your request again.
Wrong input parameters
Your request body contains not valid values.
Check parameter values in your request body.
Server internal error
Server internal error
Both keys are usable, and only one key is needed at a time.
Thanks to these 2 keys, you can change a key without down time of your application.
For example, you want to replace your primary key.
The procedure is:
  • Configure your application to use the seconary key
  • Deploy it to your customer
  • Regenerate the primary key
  • (optional) reconfigure your application to use the new primary key


In addition to the errors already described in the FAQ: Troubleshooting, I've tries the API and I receive these errors

Table of errors
Error Code Name Description Possible Solution


Official application password expired
Password used in the Thermostat official app is expired.
Please renew user password through the official application.
Official application terms and conditions expired
Terms and conditions for Thermostat official app are expired.
Please accept again terms and conditions through the official application.
Busy visual user interface
Your thermostat device user interface has been used locally.
Wait about 10 seconds and try to send your request again.