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Ability to associate a device and a remote by API

Today if we want t associate a remote and a device we can use your knock knock method.
But if we want to change, we have to open the device and press the reset hidden button.

An API should be more flexible to do it, isn’t it?

Yes, please! +1 on this feature. Allow the setup to be done based on some number on the back and then a double press on the switch to confirm or something. I’ve got some connected switches, that by default would not connect (brand new) and I had to dig into docs to find out there is a reset switch that I had to press to reset them.

The binding process of the whole system, at least on Android is awkward at best, even for a tech-savvy person. Maybe allowing a reset by holding the switch pressed for 10-20 seconds would also be a good idea.

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