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Adaptive lighting for Hue Lamps

I am now able to add Phillips Hue lamps directly to the gateway in the US since the last update. I’ve also successfully paired an adorne wireless dimmer to the Hue lamps.

one feature that is missing when using the Legrand gateway instead of the Hue bridge is HomeKit Adaptive Lighting.

that would be a nice feature to have back.

i am very pleased with ability to add them in directly now though.

I was also able to add Zigbee lamp modules controlled by mechanical switches. The only issue with them is that dimming is not compatible with the app or when paired with a wireless dimmer switch.

Hello Brant,

Thanks for this feedback. For the moment Adaptive Lighting is not something planned (it would require for us to use a new HomeKit version, so we’ll reconsider it when it will be OK on this side)

Did you configure your switch to activate the dimming option in Home + Control app ? As far as I know, dimming should correctly work in HK. But if you are talking about a Green Power device (wireless + baterryless switch), indeed this product doesn’t manage dimming

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager

Hey Leslie,


As for the dimmer, it is configured within the app, and I am presented with a dimming option, but sliding the fader does not change the lighting level. Nor does the adorne <span style=”caret-color: #1b2d3a; color: #1b2d3a; font-family: acumin-pro, sans-serif; letter-spacing: -0.20000000298023224px; background-color: #f6f6fb;”>WNAL63W1 control dimming, but it will switch it off/on.</span>


However the dimming module I am using is not a Legrand product; it is a 3rd party Zigbee dimmer, and very likely could be a compatibility issue. I have ordered some Tuya branded Zigbee dimming modules to try also.

+1 for Adaptive lighting.

+1 for adaptative lighting – this is a great feature of modern confort

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