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Alexa and Google for old BTicino Myhome Windows/Shutters

Sorry for the Italian in the video.

The iPhone runs the first and the best OpenWebNet iOs app, iMyhome

This is possibile using Sdomotica (runs on Raspbberry Pi) and BTicino webserver (F454, F453AV, MH202, etc).




myhomeserver1 (F454) now connects natively to Alexa or Google Home (still misses Apple Homekit though), therefore there is no need to use a third party solution running on RasperryPi.


Are you totally sure that Alexa is official supported in F454????

And secondly. Are you sure to use Mhserver1 and actuators without ID?

As per my Topic object I refer only to old BTicino systems



someone succeed to connect myhomeserver1 to control with amazon speaker  ?

Hello EREZ,

Alexa and MyHOME_Up are compatible via the skill :

If it doesn't work, please contact the Customer Support of your country

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

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