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Alexa Skill for Legrand Lighting Control

With the Artik cloud replacement, the new Alexa skill seems to lose connection to Eliot every 24 hours or so, causing me to re-authenticate every day. Is this a known issue that will be fixed anytime soon?

Hello Matt,

I forwarded your message to the developers team. I let them check that and I tell you when I have more information

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Hi Matt,

this is not the expected behavior, and we have not heard this behavior before.  We have tech support in the USA that can help debug.  The phone number for Tech Support is (USA) 717-546-5412.



I guess tech support does not have any time to check the posts here, even though there are very rarely new messages posted. Can they check reviews and feedback on Alexa skill page for this? Then they would hear about how bad the situation is with this integration. IT DOES NOT WORK.

did someone connect myhomeserver1 to amazon alexa skill ?

i have echo dot 3 and it not discover any devices

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