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Api down?

the api service of the smarther has not worked for several hours ... has there been any change?

Hello Danye,

We currently have an issue with the Cloud service. The teams are warned and they are investigating to solve it.
I'll let you know as soon as it's fixed.

Have a good day,
Leslie - Community Manager

Thanks Leslie!

Are there any news? With my account I still can't use the "API" I receive Status code: 404 gateway offline.

Me too, the same situation!

Hello everyone,

No new information for the moment, the teams are still fixing the issue.
I warn you as soon as I know more 😉

Have a good day,
Leslie - Community Manager

Hello everyone,

Here is some fresh news :
The main problem that caused the Cloud stability issue is now solved. It remains an occasional (about 1 time per day) disconnection of some Smarther for about 10 minutes, then they restart working properly. Of course, the teams are now working to fix this lasting problem

Have a good day,
Leslie - Community Manager

perfect, I confirm that the server now works.thank you.

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