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Api limit for application

Hi, i try to create an application what use yours api.
The application have the limit of 100 request for day?
For all users what use the application?



The limit is 100 calls by day AND by user.
This limitation is set on all APIs.

Have a nice day,
Leslie – Community Manager

the limit of 100 requests per user appears to be little for a real home automation system.
I’m building a private home automation system and I’m interested in integrating your API into my system. But for real daily use at home, 100 requests are not enough (especially for the API that control power consumption).
Are other options available with more daily requests? Maybe even paid…

Thanks in advance

Hello Luigi,

Unfortunately, it is not possible for now to make more than 100 daily requests.

Have a good day,
Leslie – Community Manager

You really have to rethink this limit also becouse to fetch all the data for 1 house with 3 termostat you need to make 3 different calls.
Just to keep the token updated i use 24 calls, 25% of the calls just be able to use the calls it’s a nonsense !
100 is a really stupid limit expecially considering bandith can cpu cost nowdays, if you whant to embrace the IOT bandwangon you have to do it properly.

Good news: we will increase this limit soon!
I’ll give you more information when it will be done.

Have a good day,
Leslie – Community Mananger

Good news, plase consider what other projects are doing about the api were the limit is 100 per minute (openweather) and if you whant more thare are pay profiles.


For information, the calls limitation is not 100 anymore but 500 per day and per user for the Starter Kit

Have a good day,
Leslie – Community Mananger

Good news,
in the home page the anouncement 500 daily request… 🙂

Thank you

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