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API returns always ON

hie, all switches return thru API are allways 100 (ON). Even when i turn them off by the app or physically. This occurs only on switches.

Can you help me?



Are you talking about Home + Control API or are you using an other API ?

If you are using H+C API : this 100 value should be the brightness. So even if you turn off your device, this value will stay at the level you defined

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Yes, its the Home + Control API. So the problem lies with the Eedomus compatibility?


If this issue happens on Eedomus it seems to be on their side. You should contact them directly

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

So why am i the only one with this problem? Is this because i got in the beta testing program? All began after that. All worked fine before, nothing as changed in the Eedomus environement. Only i have changed into this program.

If no one can help me i cannot carry out with this product implementation. I think i better change to something that has direct compatibility with smart home hubbs.

Have a good day

Hello again,

as you said before, the value is the brightness last selected. So i went to my colleagues from eedomus and found a temporaly sollution.

Simply turning off the dimmable function off every switch returns all values to 0 (zero) when the light is OFF (and 100 when its ON).

Again, this is due to changes on the API not on Eedomus. And it is a bad one i think, as it forces me to discard one of the main functions of those switches. dimmable light.

I hope the problem will soon be solved.

Good Day


If you are a beta tester : in your Home + Control application, you should have a form to report the bugs you notice

You should explain your problem in this form so the developer teams could check it

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager


i did that weeks before this post.

Hello Casal,

The beta testing program is managed by Netatmo teams

If they didn't answer to you, I invite you to take contact directly with them on their website (precise that you are a beta tester)

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

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